Articles by Igor Popov

Customs Could Halt Computers

A New customs regulation forbids express delivers from registering goods in the ""computer"" category.

Volkswagen Runs Hot Over Ad Campaign

A case between Peugot and Volkswagen has drawn attention to the dangers of comparative advertising.

GAZ Ordered to Replace Lemon

For years, Vladimir Fursov has been devoted to Volgas, but his latest model began disintegrating after only 52,000 kilometers and he's taking carmaker GAZ to court.

Ministry Probes $5Bln Customs Scam

The Interior Ministry is investigating a network of fictitious companies through which so-called gray imports worth $4.9 billion passed through customs last year.

New Chevy Niva to Get A More 'Foreign' Design

The AvtoVAZ factory's prototype of the new Chevy Niva is only a few months old but it already looks set to become a collector's item.

Car Importers Elude Customs Net

Since the government is only prepared to lower tariffs on the imports of cars to 25 percent, customs authorities expect importers will continue to try to bend the rules.

Ford's Financing Program Falls Apart

An installment payment program for selling Ford cars, the so-called Ford Plan that was launched at the start of this year, has collapsed after only six cars were sold.

Customs Declares Dutch Flower War

The State Customs Committee is targeting the import of Dutch flowers into Moscow in an attempt to clip its legal share of the city’s estimated $200 million-a-year flower industry.

Russia Takes Big Tobacco Firms to U.S. Court

Russia has filed a claim against major U.S. tobacco companies in the State of Florida.

BMW Sees Doubled Car Sales This Year

AvtoVAZ Does Away With Discounts