Articles by Andrey Musatov

Credit Where Due in Northern Capital

Opportunities for small businesses and private individuals to receive credit in St. Petersburg are limited -- but over the last year, several banks have announced plans focusing on work with the small-business sector, with foreign banks leading the way.

Hotel Shortage Could Spoil St. Pete's Birthday

With less than a year to go before St. Petersburg's 300th anniversary, the northern capital is struggling to find enough hotel beds for the anticipated 6 million visitors.

Price Hike Puts New Pulkovo Terminal in Crisis

After spending four years and $12 million to build St. Petersburg's the Pulkovo Cargo Terminal, some officials are now asking whether the terminal was really worth building.

Disegni Getting Ready for Fresh Start

As the Disegni legal battle winds up, general director Harald Jonassen is getting back down to business.

Malta Group Buys Nevskij Palace

Malta's International Hotel Investments announced that it had purchased the Nevskij Palace hotel.

Only Land Code Can Save St. Pete Sales Program

The administration of Russia's northern capital initiated land sales in the early 1990's, long before Moscow was ready to take the plunge, aside from a few minor experiments.

New Major Port Planned in Leningrad Region

A Leningrad Region company has launched a multimillion-dollar bid for a sizable share of the Baltic Sea cargo-handling business with the creation of a new, major seaport.

Northwest Telecoms Merging Into PTS

PTS is working to incorporate all operators in the Northwest Federal District into one telecoms company.

Business: When It All Goes So Wrong

Disegni general director Harald Jonassen says he came to do business in Russia as an innocent optimist.

MTS Shakes Up St. Pete Market

Predictions that the arrival of Moscow's MTS will change St. Petersburg's cellular market seem to be true.

Soros Wants Telephones in Prisons

George Soros is leading a campaign to put phones in Russian prisons with an estimated cost of $1 million.

St. Pete Expansion Is the Right Call for MTS

MTS president Mikhail Smirnov talks about the company’s success in getting access to the St. Petersburg market and its plans for business development in the northern capital.

World Bank Offers $150M to St. Pete

The World Bank has announced it will provide a $150 million credit for reconstruction work in St. Petersburg's city center between 2002 and 2005.

200 Years of Industrial Revolution

  • 19 March 01
  • Staff Writers
On April 4, St. Petersburg's Kirovsky Zavod celebrates its 200th anniversary, but there is nothing to suggest the factory plans to rest on its laurels.

St. Pete Programmers World No. 1

Teams of students from St. Petersburg placed first and third at the Association for Computing Machinery's International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals on Saturday.

St. Pete Ice Palace Sued by Sberbank

State-owned Sberbank is suing the company that runs St. Petersburg's Ice Palace to recover part of a $20 million loan it gave to help build the stadium.

Court Sides With Telecoms Over Petersburg Pensioner

A court has ended the saga of a pensioner who put the merger of three St. Petersburg telecoms on hold.

Duma Sets Guidelines For Internet Commerce

A Duma committee is drafting guidelines for a law intended to define and regulate e-commerce in Russia.

Halliburton Wins Kursk Rescue Deal

  • 03 October 00
  • Staff Writers
Russia on Monday signed a contract with a Norwegian subsidiary of the Halliburton energy company to recover the remains of the 118 seamen who died aboard the Kursk submarine.

Unpaid Captains Threaten to Sink Ships

  • 30 September 00
  • Staff Writers
Fed up after waiting to get paid, six ship captains have found a new way to protest their plight. They are threatening to sink their St. Petersburg-docked ships.

Nokia Moves Headquarters to St. Petersburg

Nokia Network Russia says they will put greater emphasis on the St. Petersburg market.

9 Snack Makers Join Forces in Petersburg

As far as small business goes, last week was a big one for St. Petersburg's snacks industry.

Farmers Take Back Seat at Own Fair

A young boy under a Russian-made truck at the annual Russian Farmer Exhibition in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg Utility Enters ADR Program

Energy utility Lenenergo will launch an ADR program consisting of 10 percent of the company's shares.

School Demystifies Local Business Habits

Rude service, vague signs, and surly counter workers are part of Russia's rough-hewn style of business.

Cops Spin Web for Software Pirates

A St. Petersburg online store has been shut down on suspicion of selling pirated software.

Court Allows St. Pete Merger

LMZ Chief Ousted Amid Share Feud

PeterStar Hackers in Custody