Articles by Esther Dyson

How to Provide Both Security and Transparency

So now Americans know. They know that their government is spying not just on foreigners but on them as well.

Agony of Being Faced With Too Many Choices

I recently used Uber, an online service for ordering a car and driver, and did not have the usual pleasant experience. The driver did not know the area, and, worse, he did not follow his navigator's instructions, turning left instead of right.

The Post Under Bezos Must 'Afflict the Comfortable'

My very first serious job was as a fact-checker for Forbes magazine, now mostly a laissez-faire collection of blogs. I consider fact-checkers to be the altar boys of journalism. And, despite having left the church, I still feel a profound reverence for the holy truth.

Tips on How to Become an Effective Networker

If you want to meet a VIP, don't try to contact him directly. Contact those who know him.

Time to Force Senders to Pay When They E-Mail

Just like in other advertising, e-mail senders should pay to get the attention of others.

Secret of How to Create a Successful Start-Up

The most popular stories often seem to end at the beginning.

How Cubans Try to Tweet Their Way to Freedom

I was taking my usual morning swim, but this time on the roof of the Prague Central hotel in Havana, where the sun does not rise until 6.30 a.m. even in May.

How Protests and Shopping Changed Russia

In mid-December, while trying to understand what was happening in Russia, I checked Twitter and found a tweet that somehow signified everything.

Creating a Real Entrepreneur

Last month I was in Kiev, speaking at a conference focused on entrepreneurs. I wanted to give a talk that would be of general interest but also concrete. So I started with one of my favorite parables.

The Jobs Factor

Normally, you need a distinctive first name not to need a last name, but in this Ч as in everything that he did Ч Steve Jobs was different. He was always just "Steve."

Useless and Wasteful Pursuit of Domain Names

A name is just a sound or sequence of letters. It carries no value or meaning other than as a pointer to something in people's minds Ч a concept, a person, a brand or a particular thing or individual.

Growing a Silicon Garden

Is it possible to build a Silicon Valley in Russia? A prominent American investor says it isn't, yet it is feasible to yield a smaller version of Silicon Valley. She sets out the ideal conditions for growing a Silicon Garden.

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Creating a Silicon Valley and an innovative Russia will require a change of culture from the ground up.

The Google That Can Say No

While Google is unlikely to re-enter China for the foreseeable future, it has improved its negotiating position in future disputes, and won support from the U.S. government.

400 Unanswered E-Mails

Forget about innovation and exotic new technology. People still haven't learned to use the technology we already have.


I recently returned to Star City, Russia's spaceflight training center located 30 kilometers northeast of Moscow, and it struck me how much -- and how little -- has changed since I first came here in the spring of 1989.

2011: My Space Odyssey

As a kid, I assumed that I would go to the moon without having to do much in particular to make it happen. I just took it for granted that, by the time I was about 40, space travel would be a common thing. As a reset-button experience, I am about to spend most of the next five months in Russia, training to be a cosmonaut in Star City, just outside Moscow.

It's All About Ethics