Articles by Olga Dzyubenko

Kyrgyz Parties Agree to Form Coalition

  • 01 December 10
  • Reuters
Political leaders in Kyrgyzstan agreed Tuesday to form a coalition government as the country tries to create the region's first parliamentary democracy following months of violence and upheaval.

Kyrgyz Candidate Condemns Vote as Fraudulent

  • 24 July 09
  • Reuters
Kyrgyzstan’s main opposition candidate demanded Thursday that a presidential election be declared illegal as voting was under way, denouncing what he called voter fraud and calling for street protests and a rerun.

Kyrgyzstan Moves to Close U.S. Base

  • 05 February 09
  • Reuters
The Kyrgyz government took the first steps Wednesday to close a U.S. military air base that is vital for supplying U.S.-led troops fighting in Afghanistan.

Kyrgyzstan Starts Moves to Close U.S. Airbase

  • 04 February 09
  • Reuters
Kyrgyzstan began moves on Wednesday to close a U.S. military air base in the former Soviet republic that is vital for supplying U.S.-led troops fighting in Afghanistan.

Legal Battle Begins Over MTS Purchase

  • 15 December 05
  • Reuters
A little-known company linked to Russia's Alfa Group is the owner of Kyrgyzstan's Bitel, a court ruled on Wednesday, raising the prospect of a tough legal fight for the top Kyrgyz mobile firm.

Kyrgyz Hand Over 4 Refugees

  • 14 June 05
  • Reuters
Kyrgyzstan's security services have sent home four Uzbeks who fled a government crackdown in the eastern town of Andijan last month, the United Nations refugee agency said Friday.

Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan Vow to Resist Upheaval

  • 31 January 05
  • Reuters
Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan vowed on Friday to resist attempts by the West to export a Ukrainian-style revolution to Central Asia.

Kyrgyz Government Resigns Amid Scandal

  • 23 May 02
  • Reuters
Kyrgyzstan's government resigned Wednesday after a special state commission ruled that senior officials were to blame for civilian deaths when police opened fire on demonstrators in March.

U.S. Has No Plans to Stay in Central Asia

  • 24 January 02
  • Reuters
Skeptics in Russia suspect that the U.S. would not soon give up its new foothold in Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan Lets French Use Airport

  • 22 January 02
  • Reuters
Kyrgyzstan agreed to let France deploy warplanes and soldiers at its main civilian airport for a year.

Uzbek Islamic Rebels Blamed for Rising Violence

  • 15 August 00
  • Reuters
Kyrgyzstan said at least 10 of its soldiers and more than 30 rebel gunmen were killed over the weekend.