Articles by Olga Romanova

Questions Are Tougher in Life After Journalism

Just 18 months ago, when I thought of my many television journalist colleagues who had been placed on the blacklist of ""undesirables"" and deprived of the right to work in their profession, I thought of how hard it must be for them to find meaningful work.

Who Protects Schools From Terrorists?

In case you missed it, the government just wrapped up a monthlong nationwide anti-terrorism program with the slogan: ""We won't allow the Beslan tragedy to be repeated!""

So What About the Reforms, Then?

The main problem now is a financial famine. But during the course of the month all delayed salaries will be paid -- to the military, employees of law enforcement structures, to scientists and to pensioners.

No. 1 Number Cruncher Readies for '02 Count

The State Statistics Committee has long been waiting for a law governing the census to be adopted. Without it such a broad operation will be impossible.

Under Fire, Kudrin Wins Over Minds of Majority

Alexei Kudrin is regarded as one of the few highly placed officials Vladimir Putin will talk to in respect to any question. But times have been tough for Kudrin lately.

Mordashov Steels Severstal for the Auto Industry

After Alexei Mordashov appeared with the Russian industrialists at last summer's high-profile meeting with Vladimir Putin, Mordashov began to get a reputation as an oligarch.

City Hall's Rising Star Plans on Economic Growth

You'd have to be asleep to have missed Vice Mayor Valery Shantsev's unprecedented rise at City Hall.

Steel Giant Severstal Confirms Purchase of Shares in Carmaker

Severstal confirmed Thursday it had purchased a block of shares in the Ulyanov Automobile Factory.