Articles by Dmitry Chubashenko

Moldova Wonders Where to Sell Wine

  • 06 March 07
  • Reuters
A visitor on foot would need far more than a day to tour the entire underground city housing the world's largest collection of wines -- about 2 million bottles -- in Moldova.

UES Holds Course in Transdnestr

  • 18 November 05
  • Reuters
Russia's power monopoly is ready to invest up to $180 million in a hydro plant in Moldova's separatist Transdnestr region despite a row with the country's authorities and business partners, its director said.

Protesters Scuttle Putin's Visit to Moldova

  • 26 November 03
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin was forced on Tuesday to scrap a visit to Moldova after protests scuttled a deal to end a 13-year conflict.

Moldova Lurches Toward Crisis

  • 22 February 02
  • Reuters
Having regained power a year ago, Moldovan communists have little to celebrate and much to worry over.

Autonomy Is Painful in Dnestr

  • 06 December 01
  • Reuters
Since the Soviet Union's collapse Klavdia Syurets, a pensioner, has no idea what country she lives in.

Moldova Turns to Communists

  • 24 July 01
  • Reuters
The Communists have returned to power in Moldava, with locals fed up after a decade of democratic reform.

Poverty, Nostalgia Make Moldovans Vote Communist

  • 21 February 01
  • Reuters
Grinding poverty and a longing for the ""good old days"" of Communist rule with its jobs for life will be uppermost in the minds of many Moldovans when they vote in parliamentary elections Sunday.

Moldovan Welder Sells Kidney for $3K

  • 17 November 00
  • Reuters
Nicolae Bardan, a 26-year-old welder, bought a bicycle, a house, firewood and bread with the $3,000 he received for one of his kidneys from an Istanbul clinic last year.