Articles by Robert Orttung

Why Has Putin Spared Ekho Moskvy? (Op-Ed)

Columnists Robert Orttung and Sufian Zhemukhov discuss what the future holds for Ekho Moskvy.

Why Autocrats Love FIFA

President Vladimir Putin's impassioned defense of FIFA and its once-defiant leader is a reminder of the strong link between autocrats and high-level international sports.

Russia's Foreign Propaganda Curbed by Recession

As Russia's financial problems continue to grow, RT is beginning to feel the pinch, write columnists Robert Orttung and Elizabeth Nelson.

Kiev Needs Outside Pressure for Reform

External pressure is the best way to reduce corruption. However, since Ukraine has no realistic prospect of joining the European Union in the near future, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko had to find a substitute if he hoped to reduce his country's extensive graft. Accordingly, he appointed three prominent foreigners to his Cabinet.

After Elections, What's Next for Ukraine?

Sunday's elections in Ukraine mean that the country has a fresh impetus to start making essential reforms, and it must do this, writes columnist Robert Orttung.

Russia's International Media Poisons Minds

At a time when Russia's image in Europe and the U.S. has sunk to extreme lows, the Kremlin has announced dramatic new plans to increase spending on foreign propaganda.

Why All Autocracies Need State-Run Media

Despite the Internet, the Kremlin is finding new ways to use its media to stay in power.

Democracy's Facade

One could have hoped that Anna Politkovskaya's brutal murder and the international condemnation that followed would have set Russia's besieged press environment on a different course.

The Hard Road to Federal Reform

The general consensus among Russia and Western observers is that President Vladimir Putin's reforms of the federal system have not been very effective.

Painful Lessons

Before moving ahead with UES reforms, Russia should carefully consider California's experience in reforming its own energy system.

Justice Awaits Reform

With President Vladimir Putin's emphasis on introducing a uniform set of laws across Russia, the country is paying new attention to the problems of the court systems.