Articles by Ralph Blumenthal

Spy Drama Survivor Watches Tale Unfold

  • 26 February 01
NEW YORK — Boris Yuzhin could be called the third man in the unfolding FBI spy drama, the only survivor of a trio of named Russian agents for the United States who the government says were exposed by Robert Philip Hanssen. On Monday, the day before the espionage scandal broke, Yuzhin received a cryptic call at his home in Northern California. ""Watch the news tomorrow,'' an FBI contact said. And so Yuzhin, a mild-mannered former Soviet KGB operative who worked secretly for the FBI in the 1970s and 1980s before being unmasked in Moscow and imprisoned in Siberia, learned with the rest of the world on Tuesday of Hanssen's arrest. ""They always catch them on my birthday,'' Yuzhin, who turned 59 on Wednesday, told a friend who later recounted the conversation in an interview. It was exactly seven years earlier, on Feb. 21, 1994, that the FBI arrested Aldrich Ames, a senior official of the CIA, and his wife on charges of selling the Soviet Union and later Russia some of the nation's most sensitive secrets.