Articles by Natalia Zinets

Ukraine Turmoil as Defiant Tymoshenko Clings on as Prime Minister

  • 12 February 10
  • Reuters
Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko on Thursday defiantly refused to concede defeat to rival Viktor Yanukovych in the presidential election.

Ukraine, Russia End $1.4Bln Gas Dispute

  • 05 October 01
  • Reuters
Ukraine and Russia on Thursday signed an agreement to restructure $1.4 billion in gas debts.

Ukraine's Nazi-Era Slaves Get Cash

  • 07 August 01
  • Reuters
Ukrainians who were slave laborers in Nazi Germany are compensated for toiling in camps and factories.

Paris Club Frightened by Kiev Gongadze Protests

  • 15 March 01
  • Reuters
Ukraine's political scandal over a murdered reporter has weakened the its position in debt-restructuring talks with the Paris Club of lending nations, analysts said Wednesday.