Articles by Anna Willard

Fashion Guru Inspired by Russia

  • 15 July 05
  • Reuters
Ukraine's first lady, Kateryna Yushchenko, had a front-row seat at Jean-Paul Gaultier's fall-winter haute couture show last Friday, which was inspired by the cultures of Russia and Ukraine.

U.S. Expects $427Bln Deficit

  • 27 January 05
  • Reuters
The U.S. budget deficit is heading for a new record this year, the White House said on Tuesday, as the Congressional Budget Office released numbers showing it will be hard for President George W. Bush to keep his promise of halving the deficit in five years.

IMF: House Prices At Risk of Collapse

  • 23 September 03
  • Reuters
Soaring house prices are in danger of collapse in countries like the United States and Britain once interest rates rise on better growth prospects, the International Monetary Fund warned last week.

World Bank Is Viewed as Arrogant, Study Finds

  • 06 June 03
  • Reuters
The World Bank spent $1 million to find out that global opinion leaders think it arrogant, too bureaucratic, not effective enough against corruption and too closely tied to the United States.

Russia Moves Closer to G-8 Membership

  • 30 September 02
  • Reuters
Russia took a first step toward becoming a full member of the Group of Eight finance ministers on Friday, and at the same time announced it may be taken off a money-laundering blacklist as early as this year.

Kudrin Predicts Strong '02 GDP at G-7 Talks

  • 08 October 01
  • Reuters
Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin confidently predicted over the weekend that Russia's economic growth should reach 4 percent next year, even if oil prices remain weak.

Gref Asks for Clarity on U.S. Policy

  • 05 April 01
  • Reuters
Economic Development and Trade Minister German Gref has called on the Bush administration to clarify its policies toward Russia.