Articles by Niko Mchedlishvili

Georgian Peace Key to Pipelines

  • 06 August 09
  • Reuters
More than 800,000 barrels of high-quality Caspian crude oil flow daily to the Mediterranean beneath this Georgian village, 42 kilometers from breakaway South Ossetia.

No Sign of Any Plan By Georgia to Attack

  • 05 May 08
  • Reuters
Russia says Georgia is massing troops and weapons in this steep-sided valley ready to attack the separatist Abkhazia region, but it does not feel like a place preparing for battle.

Golden Fleece of the Hills

  • 01 November 07
  • Reuters
Snow and tourism are replacing gold and blood vendettas in Georgia's remote Svaneti region.

Georgia and NATO Aim For Speedy Radar Link

  • 24 August 07
  • Reuters
Georgia's radar sites will probably be integrated into NATO's radar system by the end of this year, earlier than planned because of worries about Russian military flights, the Georgian Defense Ministry said Thursday.

Anti-Saakashvili Plot Uncovered

  • 07 September 06
  • Reuters
Georgia said Wednesday that it had uncovered a plot by opposition politicians sympathetic to Russia to overthrow the country's pro-Western leadership.

Georgia's Foreign Minister Fired

  • 20 October 05
  • Reuters
Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Nogaideli late Wednesday sacked Foreign Minister Salome Zurabishvili, a French diplomat whose style proved too foreign for some of her subordinates.

Georgians Tap Energy From Cow Droppings

  • 19 July 05
  • Reuters
Georgian farmers discover that cows are not only a source of milk, but energy as well.

Allies of Georgian Leader Win Big

  • 29 March 04
  • Reuters
Georgians handed President Mikheil Saakashvili's allies a big victory in a parliamentary election Sunday, but tensions in the autonomous region of Adzharia and reported violence threatened to overshadow the poll.

U.S. Backs Georgia in Russian Base Spat

  • 14 January 04
  • Reuters
A senior U.S. official publicly backed Georgia's new leaders Tuesday in their dispute with Russia over the closure of two Russian military bases and said Washington might even put up cash to help fund their removal.

Shevardnadze Quells Mutiny Attempt

  • 28 May 01
  • Reuters
Nationalist protesters clashed with police in Georgia only hours after President Eduard Shevardnadze defused an army mutiny, as the country marked a decade of independence.