Articles by Binaj Gurubacharya

Dozens Die in Blast, Nepal Blames Rebels

  • 07 June 05
  • The Associated Press
Maoist insurgents detonated a powerful land mine beneath a crowded bus Monday in rural Nepal, killing at least 38 people and wounding dozens more in one of the bloodiest attacks against civilians since the insurgency broke out nearly a decade ago, officials said.

King Dismisses Entire Nepalese Government

  • 02 February 05
  • The Associated Press
King Gyanendra dismissed Nepal's government on Tuesday and declared a state of emergency, cutting off his Himalayan nation from the rest of the world as telephone and Internet lines were snapped, flights diverted and civil liberties severely curtailed.

Blind Man, 64-Year-Old Reach Roof of the World

  • 28 May 01
  • The Associated Press
A Russian climbers found struggling near the peak of Mount Everest without oxygen died on Thursday.