Articles by Alexander Boreiko

Svyazinvest Snaps Up 3 Regional Cellular Firms

The Svyazinvest telecoms holding is in acquisition talks with three major mobile phone operators in the Volga, Ural and Far East regions.

Vimpelcom 'Freezing' Money

Cryptic billboards reading ""Money Can Be Frozen"" are lining the capital's streets as part of cellular major Vimpelcom's fresh advertising campaign.

CEOs Not Worried About SEC 'Vow'

Russian executives of companies listed in the United States say they are not concerned by a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announcement this week that they should take the ""executive vow"" vouching for the accuracy of their financial statements.

Kosmos Going Online

In September Kosmos TV will begin offering Internet access RadioEthernet technology.

There Is a New Billionaire in Town

He may not feel like one, but Vladimir Yevtushenkov is Russia's latest billionaire.

2 Cellular Standards Resume Old Rivalry

After uniting against a Communications Ministry order that threatened their existence, two cellular groups have once again broken into factions based on frequency.

Workers Are No. 1 Threat to Russia's IT

Hackers may the greatest danger to computer systems in the West, but in Russia the biggest problems are employees, legislative failings and vandalism.

Merger Sends Telecoms Shares Up

Share prices of Svyazinvest's regional subsidiaries grew considerably over the last month.

5,000 Domains Held Hostage

Internet-Bureau Well has registered 5,000 domain names identical to the surnames of famous people.

Law Change May Put RuNet Names in Peril

Registration of new domain names on RuNet could come to a complete halt, analysts said.

State Program in Works To Aid Software Sector

A program to help Russia's software producers is being developed which includes changes to the tax code.

Survey: Hackers Thrive on Sloppy Employees

Russian corporate networks are hacked into twice as often as in Western Europe according to research.

Lycos Set to Launch Russian-Language Site

The Russian Internet gets its first global ""e-giant"" with the official launch of Lycos Europe's RuNet portal, A test version of the site is already online.

PwC Internet Guru Says the Romance Is Over

Boris Krasnyansky, a senior partner at the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, spoke about the reasons for e-business's present disappointment and the market's prospects.

Vimpelcom Unveils GPRS Service

Mobile operator Vimpelcom on Monday announced the launch of General Packet Radio Service technology.

'Unstable' Hacker Faces Jail Time

A 17-year-old faces up to three years in prison after being charged with unleashing a computer virus.