Articles by Natalya Neimysheva

Industrial Giant Can't Pay Its Rent

The head of United Heavy Machineries is considering moving production out of Yekaterinburg rather than pay higher rental rates on its land.

CEOs Not Worried About SEC 'Vow'

Russian executives of companies listed in the United States say they are not concerned by a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announcement this week that they should take the ""executive vow"" vouching for the accuracy of their financial statements.

Zhirinovsky School Receives a Building

Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov has handed over a building in the center of Moscow to an institute founded by Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Tax Police Could Be Allowed To Examine Auditors' Records

Auditors may have to divulge clients' financial secrets under a new law passing through the State Duma.

Report: Oil Evades $9Bln in Taxes

A report prepared for the government by tax authorities suggests that oil companies are using complicated yet legal schemes to deny federal coffers about $9 billion a year.

MinFin Looks to Scrap Forex Taxation

The Finance Ministry is preparing a draft law to reform the present tax system on hard currency purchases and securities transactions.