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Russian Wants $9M for Car Crash

  • 13 August 01
  • The Washington Post
WASHINGTON — Lawyers for a Russian man paralyzed in a car accident with a former American diplomat are seeking to file a $9 million civil lawsuit in U.S. courts, and they allege the State Department is obstructing their efforts. The former diplomat, Douglas Kent, was the U.S. consul general in Vladivostok when the accident occurred there nearly three years ago. The crash left Alexander Kashin, then a 23-year-old computer programmer, a quadriplegic. Kashin's lawyers and Russian media accounts have blamed Kent for the accident, saying he failed to yield the right-of-way as his Chevy Blazer passed through a yellow flashing light at an intersection on the night of Oct. 27, 1998. But Kent says yellow lights were flashing in both directions, he was driving slowly, and Kashin was a passenger in a car that was running without headlights.