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Secularism vs. Democratic Islam

The Muslim world's liveliest democracy has long been a work in progress, but the stakes just got a lot higher for Turkey and the greater Middle East. Turkey's future as a pluralistic, free society is on the line.

EU Should Be Courting the Kresy

The Poles call them kresy, lands on the edge, and Russians the ""near abroad."" Belarus and Ukraine have traditionally existed in a political and geographic limbo between East and West from which more than a decade of independence, and the highest of hopes, have not liberated them.

A Chestnut Revolution

After Georgia's bloodless ""Rose Revolution"" in December, we can only hope Kiev will host the chestnut (in full bloom each spring in the leafy capital) variety. Ukraine offers the best chance to build on the Georgian success in popular democracy -- as long as the West and the democratic opposition play their cards right.

Land of Opportunity

The business and political leaders gathering at the World Economic Forum's Moscow meeting this week couldn't have hoped for a better reception.