Articles by Jeffrey D. Sachs

Reinventing Energy

The world economy is being battered by sharply higher energy prices. While Russia and OPEC countries are reaping huge profits, the rest of the world is suffering as the price of oil has topped $110 per barrel and that of coal has doubled.

A Rich Nation, A Poor Continent

  • 10 July 03
  • The New York Times
At a time when President George W. Bush has lavished billions of dollars in tax cuts on the richest Americans, his trip to Africa presents him with the perfect opportunity to call on them to take some responsibility for the dire state of the world's poorest citizens.

Not Fooling Anyone

  • 22 November 01
  • The Washington Post
During the Cold War, American strategy included not only military preparedness and action but also a battle for the hearts and minds of the rest of the world.