Articles by David Rising

U.S. Warship Arrives With Aid

  • 26 August 08
  • The Associated Press
A U.S. Navy destroyer loaded with humanitarian aid has reached Georgia's Black Sea port of Batumi, bringing baby food, bottled water and a message of support for an embattled ally.

Ivanov Calls for New Nuclear Arms Regime

  • 11 February 08
  • The Associated Press
The United States and Russia should set aside Cold War arms-control treaties and replace them with new, multilateral agreements to combat nuclear proliferation, First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said Sunday at a security conference in Munich.

Letters to Hitler Detail Ordinary Views of History

  • 16 October 07
  • The Associated Press
At first glance, the letter carefully printed in a child's hand seems innocuous, nothing more than the expression of a young crush: ""I love you so much. Write me -- please. Many greetings. Your Gina.""

Suit Filed Against Rumsfeld in Berlin

  • 15 November 06
  • The Associated Press
Civil rights activists filed a suit Tuesday asking German prosecutors to open a war crimes investigation of outgoing U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and a host of other officials for their alleged roles in abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison and Guantanamo Bay.

Iraqi Rebels Strike TV Station

  • 13 October 06
  • The Associated Press
Gunmen stormed the downtown Baghdad headquarters of a new Sunni Arab satellite television station Thursday, killing the board chairman and 10 others, the second attack on an Iraqi station in the capital in as many weeks.

Airbus A350 Decision Due Soon

  • 17 May 06
  • The Associated Press
Parent company EADS says a final design decision on the troubled plane will come by July as profits rise.

Schroder Starts Campaign With Attack

  • 15 August 05
  • The Associated Press
Chancellor Gerhard Schroder kicked off his election campaign with an immediate attempt to exploit the conservative opposition's infighting, hoping to build on his beleaguered party's recent rise in polls.

Germany Defies EU Anti-Terror Plans

  • 19 July 05
  • The Associated Press
Germany's high court on Monday blocked the extradition of an al-Qaida suspect to Spain after ruling that Europe's new wide-ranging arrest warrant in its current form was invalid under German law.

Germans Sign Gas, Rail Deals

  • 12 April 05
  • The Associated Press
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder and President Vladimir Putin on Monday expanded their growing economic links with new gas and rail equipment deals.

Germany Holds On to Spot as No. 1 Exporter

  • 19 January 05
  • The Associated Press
Germany was the world's largest exporter for the second year in a row in 2004 despite the skyrocketing strength of the euro, according to preliminary statistics released by the government Tuesday.

Retrial of Convicted 9/11 Suspect Begins

  • 11 August 04
  • The Associated Press
The retrial of the only Sept. 11 terror suspect ever convicted opened Tuesday with the United States under pressure to allow testimony by alleged key al-Qaida operatives in its custody.

9/11 Detainee Released on Bail

  • 08 April 04
  • The Associated Press
The only Sept. 11 suspect ever convicted was freed by a court Wednesday, pending the outcome of his retrial on charges of aiding the Hamburg al-Qaida cell that included three of the suicide pilots.

Filmmaker Riefenstahl Dead at 101 in Berlin

  • 10 September 03
  • The Associated Press
Photographer and Nazi-era filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, whose hypnotic depiction of Hitler's Nuremberg rally, ""Triumph of the Will,"" was renowned and despised as the best propaganda film ever made, died Monday.

Student Convicted in U.S. Attacks

  • 20 February 03
  • The Associated Press
A Moroccan student was convicted Wednesday of more than 3,000 counts of accessory to murder in the Sept. 11 attacks and sentenced to the maximum 15 years in prison.

Pilot Obeyed 1st Order in Air Crash

  • 27 August 02
  • The Associated Press
The pilot of a Russian passenger jet that collided midair with a DHL freight plane responded immediately to orders from a Swiss air traffic controller to descend.

Tu-154 Pilot Got Mixed Signals

  • 09 July 02
  • The Associated Press
Cockpit voice recorders show a Russian pilot received contradictory messages from Swiss air traffic control and his cockpit collision warning system seconds before he collided with a cargo jet last week.

Afghan Factions Agree On Interim Cabinet

  • 06 December 01
  • The Associated Press
Four Afghan factions signed a pact Wednesday to create a new administration headed by an anti-Taliban battlefield commander, concluding a historic agreement aimed at restoring peace and stability to the war-ravaged nation.