Articles by Paul J. Saunders

A Historic Chance to Build a Bridge

We often say that there are no second chances in life, and that is generally true. But when U.S. President Barack Obama and President Dmitry Medvedev meet Wednesday, they will have an opportunity that is extremely rare in international relations -- a third chance to build a strong U.S.-Russian relationship.

A Tough Act to Follow

Today China sometimes appears to bend over backwards to reassure others of its benign intentions.

Getting Off to a Good Start

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, U.S. and Russian leaders have always wanted successful summits, but have not always succeeded.

Doing for, Not Doing To

Colin Powell's statements last week were an important indicator of the U.S.-Russian relationship.

The Washington Post: Off Target or Spot On?

The Washington Post recently published the latest in its continuing series of regular editorials condemning the policies of President Vladimir Putin and questioning the basis of the latest attempt at U.S.-Russian partnership by Presidents Putin and George W. Bush, under the title ""More Carnage in Chechnya.""

Sermons Can't End War