Articles by Svetlana Vitkovskaya

MGTS Begins to Upgrade Emergency Service Network

Moscow City Telephone Network, or MGTS, has begun modernizing connections to emergency services and hopes to replace the old analog switchboards with digital technology.

Russia Gets Satellite Service for Just $2M

Kosmicheskaya Svyaz and a Belgian-Canadian company are developing a satellite system to deliver data to all of Russia's regions at the bargain price of $2 million.

Tattered Billing Systems Draw $100M Upgrade

An often overlooked part of the telecommunications enterprise, billing has taken the spotlight as the Svyazinvest holding seeks a company to install billing systems at its dozens of subsidiaries nationwide for $100 million.

NTS to Unite Country's Payphones

A new St. Petersburg subsidiary of state-controlled telecoms holding Svyazinvest has been chosen to run a nationwide payphone system using a single type of calling card.

Yukos 'Smart' House Tops $40M

None of the oil majors change their Moscow address as often as Yukos does, and now the No. 2 oil player is investing into a building designed especially for itself.

Svyazinvest to Lay Off 20,000

Svyazinvest plans to fire 20,000 employees at subsidiaries nationwide in an effort to cut expenditures.