Articles by Simon Denyer

National Hero Falls Before the First Hurdle

  • 19 August 08
  • Reuters
Chinese fans were stunned into silence and tears as national hero and 110-meter hurdles Olympic champion Liu Xiang hobbled out of the games injured on Monday.

Indian Police Release Sketches of Suspects

  • 21 February 07
  • Reuters
India released sketches Tuesday of two suspects in the bombing of a train to Pakistan that killed 68 people, as Pakistan's foreign minister visited victims and said the rivals urgently needed to improve ties.

Peace Hard to Reach in Troubled Kashmir

  • 08 December 06
  • Reuters
For nearly six decades it has been one of the most intractable disputes on the planet, but these days India and Pakistan are finally talking similar language on Kashmir.

U.S. and India Strike Nuclear Deal

  • 03 March 06
  • Reuters
India and the United States sealed a landmark civilian nuclear cooperation pact on Thursday, the centerpiece of U.S. President George W. Bush's first visit to the world's largest democracy.

China and India Seek Resolution

  • 13 April 05
  • Reuters
China's Prime Minister wound up a visit to India on Tuesday, having made progress on a border dispute and on boosting trade and energy cooperation.

Uzbek Militant Eludes Capture

  • 24 March 04
  • Reuters
With trenches, watchtowers, tunnels and telephone links, it was a well-guarded hideout of Uzbek and Chechen militants -- until it was found by Pakistani troops searching for Osama bin Laden near the Afghan border.

Pakistan Holds First Polls in 5 Years

  • 10 October 02
  • Reuters
Pakistan's military ruler, President Pervez Musharraf, may get the result he wants in Thursday's general election, which was designed to return the country to civilian rule three years after he seized power.

India: Musharraf Is Stoking Tensions

  • 29 May 02
  • Reuters
ndia said Tuesday Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf's latest speech on the countries' military standoff over Kashmir was disappointing and dangerous and had stoked tensions rather than eased them.

Kidnapping Suspect Says Pearl Is Dead

  • 15 February 02
  • Reuters
The chief suspect in the kidnapping of U.S. reporter Daniel Pearl told an anti-terrorism court in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi on Thursday he thought the U.S. reporter was dead.