Articles by Sinead O'Hanlon

Britain Revokes Cleric's Passport

  • 07 April 03
  • Reuters
Britain has revoked the citizenship of a radical Muslim cleric who applauded the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and was banned from preaching at a London mosque, British Home Secretary David Blunkett said Saturday.

Britain Goes on Health Alert After Police Find Ricin Toxin

  • 09 January 03
  • Reuters
Britons, readying for possible war with Iraq as reserve troops were mobilized, were troubled by fears of a battle at home Wednesday after the seizure of the deadly toxin ricin sparked fears of a looming terror campaign.

Queen Speaks Up to End Butler's Trial

  • 04 November 02
  • Reuters
Britain's Queen Elizabeth was at the center of intense media speculation over the weekend after her unexpected intervention led to the acquittal of Princess Diana's former butler on theft charges.

Grieving Britons Feel Isolated

  • 11 September 02
  • Reuters
Britons directly affected by the Sept. 11 attacks say their private tragedy has become public property but, unlike New Yorkers, it is hard to find others who can share their experience.

Timeline: Cyberbabes on the Way

  • 20 February 02
  • Reuters
A new ""timeline"" for next the 30 years puts forth an interesting, if not scary, forecast for our future.