Articles by Ivan Safranchuk

Misconceptions About the SCO

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization's annual summit in Bishkek and its tactical military exercises at Garrison Chebarkul, located in the Chelyabinsk region near the Ural Mountains, raised many questions about the alliance's impact on the West's security interests.

Averting a War of Necessity

Diplomats from the United States, European Union and Israel involved in the Iranian uranium-enrichment affair say they want the international community united so that Iran understands that nobody -- absolutely nobody -- will come to Iran's defense if sanctions are imposed.

Resilient Lines of Communication

Debate is a necessary aspect of bilateral relations and Russia is right to insist on voicing its views.

Clinging to Outdated Dogmas

The results of Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov's trip last week to the United States represent significant progress when compared to his public pronouncements prior to departure for Washington.