Articles by Joby Warrick

Pakistan Builds New Reactor

  • 25 July 06
  • The Washington Post
Pakistan has begun building what independent analysts say is a powerful new reactor for producing plutonium, a move that, if verified, would signal a major expansion of the country's nuclear weapons capabilities and a potential new escalation in the region's arms race.

Germ Factories Pose New Threat

  • 23 August 05
  • The Washington Post
For 50 years under Soviet rule, nearly everything about the Odessa Anti-Plague Station was a state secret, down to the names of the deadly microbes its white-coated workers collected and stored in a pair of ordinary freezers.

For Sale Rockets Vanish in Transdnestr

  • 08 December 03
  • The Washington Post
In the ethnic conflicts that surrounded the collapse of the Soviet Union, fighters in several countries seized upon an unlikely new weapon: a small, thin rocket known as the Alazan.

Iran Admits Foreign Nuke Help

  • 28 August 03
  • The Washington Post
Iran has admitted for the first time that it received substantial foreign help in building a secret nuclear facility south of Tehran that is now beginning to enrich uranium, turning it into a key ingredient in the manufacture of nuclear weapons, according to UN documents and diplomatic sources.

Iran's Progress Toward Nuclear Arms 'Startling'

  • 11 March 03
  • The Washington Post
U.S. officials say that Iran has built a clandestine and highly sophisticated nuclear infrastructure that would allow it to seek uranium-based weapons.

Russian Safeguards Are Found Lacking

  • 05 March 03
  • The Washington Post
A decadelong U.S. effort to safeguard stockpiles of Russian nuclear, chemical and biological weapons is faltering because of bureaucratic obstacles, U.S. federal auditors warn in a draft report that faults leaders in both countries.

Uranium Clouds Gather Over Kiev

  • 02 December 02
  • The Washington Post
Some 75 kilograms of weapons-grade uranium are sitting in a dilapidated, underfunded laboratory in Kharkiv, and both Iraq and the United States want it.

The Hunt for the Radioactive Gamma Ears

  • 12 November 02
  • The Washington Post
Fears of a ""dirty bomb"" attack are driving efforts to find the remains of an old Soviet nuclear project.

Serbian Uranium Whisked to Russia

  • 26 August 02
  • The Washington Post
U.S. and Russian officials whisked away 45 kilograms of weapons-grade uranium from an aging nuclear reactor in Yugoslavia in a dramatic, military-style operation described as the first of a series of preemptive strikes against the danger of nuclear terrorism.

A Dog and a Clay Seal Guard Deadly Viruses

  • 18 June 02
  • The Washington Post
Bunker 12A of the Pokrov Biologics Plant is a pill factory like none other on Earth.

Cold War Trash Could Make a 'Dirty Bomb'

  • 19 March 02
  • The Washington Post
Six months ago, they were mere Cold War trash: hundreds of small radioactive power generators scattered across the Soviet Union decades ago and largely forgotten, except when the odd lumberjack turned up with severe radiation burns.