Articles by Emily Wax

Uganda Plans 'Chastity Scholarships'

  • 11 October 05
  • The Washington Post
Mousisi Anatolius moved from hut to hut, taking notes in a tattered ledger as he interviewed parents and their young daughters. He was searching for virgins.

An AIDS-Hit Village Turns to 'the Terrorist'

  • 19 August 03
  • The Washington Post
The women of this village call Francise Akacha ""the terrorist."" His breath fumes with the local alcoholic brew. Greasy food droppings hang off his mustache and stain his oily pants and torn shirt.

Once a Refuge, Ivory Coast Falls to War

  • 10 January 03
  • The Washington Post
Emma Sekah, a 13-year-old girl with braided pigtails, covered her ears. An angry crowd gathered around her. She grabbed her 5-year-old brother, Suday, who was howling hysterically. They looked in all directions to run away. But there was nowhere to go.

In Times of Terror, Teens Talk the Talk

  • 20 March 02
  • The Washington Post
Their bedrooms are ""ground zero."" Translation? A total mess. A mean teacher? He's ""such a terrorist."" A student is disciplined? ""It was total jihad."" Petty concerns? ""That's so Sept. 10."" And out-of-style clothes? ""Is that a burqa?""