Articles by Kim Housego

U.S. Pounds Fallujah After Sunday Attacks

  • 14 September 04
  • The Associated Press
U.S. warplanes pounded a suspected hideout of al-Qaida-linked militants in the Sunni insurgent stronghold of Fallujah on Monday, killing at least 16 people and wounding 12, officials and witnesses said. The strike came a day after a surge in violence killed 78 people across Iraq.

Algerians Hurl Stones at President

  • 26 May 03
  • The Associated Press
The death toll from a devastating earthquake in northern Algeria rose to more than 2,000 Sunday, hours after furious crowds threw debris and insults at the country's president when he visited the quake zone.

Moscow, Paris, Berlin Unite on Iraq

  • 11 February 03
  • The Associated Press
France, Russia and Germany on Monday launched a diplomatic initiative opposed by the United States that is aimed at disarming Saddam Hussein without war.

Thousands March in Paris, Rome

  • 08 April 02
  • The Associated Press
Tens of thousands of activists marched through Paris and Rome in protests demanding Israel stops its offensive in the West Bank and expressing solidarity with the Palestinians.