Articles by Gleb Bryanski

Firms Eye $5.5Bln in Deals in China Visit

  • 09 October 09
  • Reuters
The 34 deals will range from a $500 million loan agreement between China's Development Bank and VEB to joint projects in transport, infrastructure, construction and mineral extraction.

Putin Promises No Capital Controls

  • 21 September 09
  • Reuters
Russia resisted calls for capital controls, choosing instead to spend $200 billion of reserves in late 2008 and early 2009 on keeping the ruble from weakening too quickly as it adjusted to lower oil prices and the country's first recession in a decade.

Shmatko Defends Boosting Oil Output

  • 14 September 09
  • Reuters
The energy minister said Russia will make no apologies to OPEC for boosting oil production to record monthly highs, a move that has served to distance the two after their relationship had warmed last year.

Arms Spending to Rise 1.2%

  • 10 August 09
  • Reuters
Despite a severely curtailed budget, Putin orders an increase in orders for weapons in 2010.

South Stream Gets Assent From Turkey

  • 06 August 09
  • Reuters
Putins deputy chief of staff says Turkey has agreed in principle to the pipeline.

Exxon Expected to Face Tough Talks on Sakhalin

  • 31 July 09
  • Reuters
The government will step up pressure on U.S. major Exxon Mobil to sell cheap gas from Sakhalin, analysts said Thursday, a day before construction begins on a new gas link to the Pacific.

Kudrin Says Budget Revision Difficult

  • 17 February 09
  • Reuters
The government faces a tough choice between scaling down budget spending and anti-crisis measures after the oil price fall wiped out a third of projected revenues, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said Monday.

Ruble Rally Continues For a 5th Straight Day

  • 13 February 09
  • Reuters
The ruble extended its rally to one week on Thursday after sharp losses in previous weeks, finding support from oil prices, liquidity shortages and moves by the authorities to impose informal capital controls.

Kudrin to Face Questions On Debt at G7 Summit

  • 12 February 09
  • Reuters
Russias plan to outline a vision of a new global economic order to the Group of Seven finance ministers this week fits very uneasily with the collapse of its economy and worries about how much its companies owe European banks.

Debt Restructuring Plan Denied

  • 11 February 09
  • Reuters
Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin denies a report that the country is looking to restructure $400 billion in corporate debt.

Central Bank Promises to Defend Sinking Ruble

  • 02 February 09
  • Reuters
The bank raises interest rates on some operations to fight inflation and stabilize the currencys exchange rate.

Kudrin Wants World Financial Watchdog

  • 27 January 09
  • Reuters
The world needs a new financial watchdog to cope with the consequences of the global crisis, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin wrote in an article published ahead of a G20 financial sherpas' meeting.

Ruble Steady as Putin Backs FX Policy Shift

  • 26 January 09
  • Reuters
The ruble held firm on Friday after the Central Bank gambled on setting a floor 10 percent below current levels in a bid to end a slide that has knocked one-fifth off its value.

Rogozin Sees Better Ties With NATO

  • 26 January 09
  • Reuters
Russia sees its relations with NATO improving and wants the military alliance to succeed in Afghanistan to reduce a regional threat, Russia's NATO envoy Dmitry Rogozin said Saturday.

Central Bank Sets Bottom For Ruble

  • 23 January 09
  • Reuters
The Central Bank sought to put a limit on the ruble's gradual slide on Thursday, setting its floor 10 percent below current levels after the currency stabilized in recent sessions.

Ruble Withstands Latest Band Widening

  • 21 January 09
  • Reuters
The ruble unexpectedly recovered from the latest attempt to let the currency weaken further Tuesday, giving the Central Bank a first glimpse of hope that its gradual devaluation policy has worked.

Kudrin Says Outlays Will Stay as Planned

  • 29 December 08
  • Reuters
The country should not slash its oil export duty to zero and will keep on track its 2009 spending plans drafted during years of economic boom, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said Saturday.

Recession Fears Grow As 400,000 Lose Jobs

  • 22 December 08
  • Reuters
Around 400,000 Russians lost their jobs in November, official data showed on Friday, as evidence grew that the economy was plunging toward a recession expected to last until at least mid-2009.

Billionaire Picks Fight With Radical Author

  • 19 December 08
  • Reuters
Billionaire banker Pyotr Aven has locked horns with a poverty-stricken National Bolshevik writer in a rare public debate over social division in crisis-hit Russia, revealing growing antagonism in its ostensibly well-controlled society.

Kudrin Criticized for 'Overspending'

  • 17 December 08
  • Reuters
State Duma deputies from the pro-Kremlin United Russia party have criticized the Finance Ministry for overspending, a move that could put further pressure on its veteran head, Alexei Kudrin.

Ruble Allowed to Edge Down Again

  • 08 December 08
  • Reuters
The Central Bank devalued the ruble for a fourth time within a month on Friday as the price for Urals blend crude fell below $38 per barrel, its lowest since February 2005.

Pankin Says $4Bln Loan For Iceland Too Much

  • 18 November 08
  • Reuters
Deputy Finance Minister Dmitry Pankin said Monday that lending Iceland $4 billion would be too much for Russia now, and he tied a possible deal to the countrys handling of its debt obligations.

MICEX Head Backs State Halts

  • 14 November 08
  • Reuters
The state should interfere when financial markets fail to price assets correctly and should stop trade if necessary to cool markets down, Konstantin Korishchenko, the new head of the MICEX exchange, said Thursday.

Foreign Reserves Fall Below $500Bln

  • 31 October 08
  • Reuters
The country's gold and foreign exchange reserves fell below the $500 billion mark for the first time in eight months, data showed Thursday, suggesting that the Kremlin's cash is starting to flow into the economy.

Ruble May Soon Lose Central Bank Support

  • 28 October 08
  • Reuters
The Central Bank may soon capitulate in its fight to defend the ruble because of plummeting oil and an exit of capital, which has knocked 70 percent off the value of its stock markets since August.

S&P Downgrades Outlook for Russia

  • 24 October 08
  • Reuters
The ratings agency cites the heavy costs of the country's bailout package and use of its foreign reserves to prop up the ruble.

Kudrin Says Reserves Must Be Used Wisely

  • 22 October 08
  • Reuters
The country must be cautious in using its foreign exchange reserves, which have already fallen by one-tenth in the last few months, and the emphasis should be put on supporting the ruble, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said Tuesday.

U.S. Poultry Importers Face Review in October

  • 24 September 08
  • Reuters
Russia will review trade agreements with up to five countries, including the United States, as soon as October, chief foreign trade negotiator Maxim Medvedkov said.

Kudrin Proposes Tax Hike, Funds Reform

  • 18 August 08
  • Reuters
The Finance Ministry on Sunday unveiled a draft fiscal strategy to 2023, proposing to raise social security taxes from 2010 and reform the $162 billion oil wealth funds to back up the pension system.

Norilsk Fall Tied to Sale Speculation

  • 07 August 08
  • Reuters
Norilsk Nickel fell the most in at least 19 months in Moscow trading on speculation that billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov's plan to sell a stake would prolong a dispute over the control of the miner.