Articles by Mark N. Katz

Putin Ignoring China Threat

If there is one international relations theory that best describes President Vladimir Putin's overall foreign policy approach, it is surely the offensive realist theory articulated by John J. Mearsheimer in his "The Tragedy of Great Power Politics."

Will Putin Lead Russia to Glory or Disaster? (Op-Ed)

Just like previous Russian rulers, what Putin may actually be doing is setting Russia up for yet another catastrophic setback, writes columnist Mark N. Katz.

Inside the Confused Mind of Vladimir Putin

It is not at all clear what President Vladimir Putin's ultimate goals are in the current crisis over Ukraine.

Ukraine Can Learn From Austria's Cold War Past

While nobody wants to go back to the Cold War, those of us who are old enough to remember it know that while tensions between Moscow and Washington ran high, they never exploded into outright conflict. If the U.S. and Russia could limit conflict during the Cold War, they can surely do so again now.

Putin Should Come Down to Earth After Crimea

Russia should announce it has no territorial ambitions in Ukraine beyond Crimea.

Your Syria Is My Bahrain

By continuing to support repressive minority rule in Syria and Bahrain, respectively, the more likely it is that Moscow and Washington will be viewed by the majorities in these countries as prepared to see them continue suffering just to maintain their naval bases.

No Reason to Fear Arab Spring in Russia

After the downfall of longstanding authoritarian rulers in Tunisia and Egypt, President Dmitry Medvedev suggested that the Arab Spring was being fomented by the West to bring about change to Russia itself.

Taking a Jump From Pushkin To Democracy

There cannot be positive change without the desire for it first. And the young Russians I met definitely have a strong desire to improve the country they live in.

Between Tehran and Riyadh

It seems that a major Saudi weapons purchase from Russia is highly likely. The only thing in doubt is the timing of the deal.

Risks of Dealing With Iran

On several occasions, Iranian officials have claimed that Russia has sold -- or even begun shipping -- the S-300 air defense system to Tehran.

Putin Saved My Career

I do not approve of what President Vladimir Putin has done over the past eight years. But I am grateful to him because he single-handedly saved my career.

Putin and Chavez, Eternal Friends for Now

President Vladimir Putin and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have built up a close relationship, especially in the period since Chavez visited Moscow for the third time in November 2004.

Putin and Portugal

In his early years in office, President Vladimir Putin often compared Russia to tiny Portugal, noting that the former would have to work very hard just to catch up economically with the latter.

Protect Democracy, Not Dictators

Pandering to a vicious dictator in the name of fighting Islamic terrorism threatens to reach a new low.