Articles by Angelina Davydova

Brain Drain Is Reducing Russia to a Blank Space

The laws recently signed by President Vladimir Putin, most notably the ones on "foreign agents," defamation and the Internet, seem to be aimed at overprotecting Russians.

Green on Green: Shipping Threatens to Trouble Baltic Waters

A boom in infrastructure development at the head of the Gulf of Finland near St. Petersburg is causing stress to the environment and risk of ecological disaster.

Elite Apartment Sector Grows in St. Petersburg

Prices for residential real estate in St. Petersburg jumped by more than double forecast levels over the first half of 2003, with the elite sector leading the way.

Russia Joins Humanoid Robot Race

A St. Petersburg company last week unveiled ARNE and ARNEA, the only Russian humanoid robots in existence.

Biggest Hotels Opening Too Late for Jubilee Bash

Analysts say delays in the completion of several major hotel construction projects in St. Petersburg will result in estimated losses of $5 million.

Neighbor Brings St. Pete Hotel to Halt

An injunction sought by one city resident has led the St. Petersburg City Court to order a halt in the construction of a three-star hotel in the center of the city.

Tsar's Porcelain to Retail in Paris

NIKoil plans to give the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory a new lease on life, injecting $5 million, resurrecting old production lines and opening its first foreign retail outlet.

'Buyer Beware' Applies but a Policy May Help

Local insurance companies have recently taken aim at those venturing out into the real estate market.

Bashkirian Sues DHL, Skyguide for Air Crash

German lawyers representing the families of those who died when a Bashkirian Airlines Tu-154 jet collided in midair with a DHL cargo plane said they are seeking $15 million in compensation from Swiss air traffic control body Skyguide and international cargo giant DHL.