Articles by Will Dunham

Study Finds Key to Smarter Children

  • 07 May 08
  • Reuters
A new study provides some of the best evidence to date that breast-feeding can make children smarter, an international team of researchers said Monday.

Scientists Find Gene Linked to Alzheimer's Disease

  • 16 January 07
  • Reuters
Scientists said Sunday that they had pinpointed a new gene linked to Alzheimer's disease, the incurable brain disorder that is the top cause of dementia in the elderly.

U.S. Court Victory for Detainees

  • 30 June 04
  • Reuters
Prisoners held at Guant?namo Bay, Cuba, have gained a way to challenge the legitimacy of planned trials before U.S. military tribunals following a Supreme Court ruling allowing them to contest their detention, military defense lawyers said Monday.

Rumsfeld Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq

  • 08 December 03
  • Reuters
U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, architect of the war to oust Saddam Hussein, said Saturday there was no chance U.S. forces would stumble on key Iraqi fugitives including the former dictator.

U.S., Inspectors Put Pressure on Iraq

  • 30 October 02
  • Reuters
U.S. President George W. Bush sharpened his threats to take action to disarm Iraq if the United Nations fails to summon Уthe will or the courageФ to do so.

Bush Seeks China's Support on Iraq

  • 28 October 02
  • Reuters
U.S. President George W. Bush has sought Chinese President Jiang Zemin's backing for a new UN resolution demanding Iraqi disarmament, while France and Russia have unveiled rival measures aimed at averting military action against Iraq.

Iraq: No New UN Resolution

  • 23 September 02
  • Reuters
Iraq vowed Saturday to reject any new Security Council resolution differing from an agreement reached with the United Nations secretary-general.