Articles by Patrick Gill

Moscow Expats Get Financially Savvy

Expats in Moscow are asking for an expanding range of personal financial services, according to the city's financial advisers.

Kickback Culture Is a Way of Life

Greasing palms is an unavoidable element of business life in Russia that shows no sign of disappearing, Muscovites and expatriates say.

For Investors, Moody's Upgrade Is a Done Deal

As Moody's rating agency reviews its sovereign debt rating for Russia, analysts say a potential upgrade is already priced in to the bond markets by investors anticipating the move.

Mall Construction Shows No Sign of Slowing

As the latest multimillion-dollar shopping mall opens in Moscow, the city continues to see a rapid rate of large-scale retail development from domestic and foreign investors.

Spaghetti and Sushi to Get Coffee Cousin

Russian restaurant giant Rosinter plans to respond to increasing demand from Moscow's diners by opening a new chain of franchised restaurants and re-launching Moka Loka.

Themed Restaurant Chains Are Catching On

With competition intensifying on Moscow's restaurant market and diners enjoying a growing number of eating options, theme chains are becoming an increasingly common sight.

Paging Firms Diversify to Survive

Paging companies are working to stay competitive as they adapt to the huge popularity of mobile phones.

Financial News Media Outlet to Go on Air

RosBusinessConsulting is pushing ahead with plans to launch Russia's first financial news television channel in a bid to occupy an untested niche in the country's media market.