Articles by Timur Aliev

Kadyrov Takes Control in Chechnya

Ramzan Kadyrov was sworn in as president of Chechnya on Thursday in a star-studded ceremony here.

On His 30th Birthday, Kadyrov Eyes Top Job

He watches you from the portraits in state offices, from huge posters along pock-marked highways, from T-shirts emblazoned with his face.

A Former Rebel Runs With SPS

The Union of Right Forces' No. 2 candidate in Chechnya's parliamentary elections is a former rebel warlord who led a bloody attack in Grozny in 1996 and has a brother in France who serves in the current Chechen rebel government.

8 Parties in Chechnya's First Race in 8 Years

Eight political parties are running in Chechnya's first parliamentary elections in eight years, and the consensus among pro-Kremlin and opposition supporters as campaigning kicked off Saturday was that the big winner would be United Russia.

Festival to Get Chechnya Rocking

A six-hour rock music festival in Chechnya would seem an unlikely effort to return peace to a place where rebel attacks and mysterious abductions remain common.

Easter Rebirth for Grozny Church

The dilapidated building on a central Grozny street is easy to miss. Its stands behind a tall brick fence, and scaffolding hides some of its plastered walls.

Streets, Stickers and a Kadyrov School

  • 02 March 05
  • Special for The Moscow Times
Streets are being named after him, and drivers are sticking his portrait in their windshields.

Silencing Chechnya

On Jan. 12, the State Duma passed a bill in its first reading that amends the law on the exit from and entrance into the Russian Federation.

Grozny Traffic Makes Drivers Snarl

Moscow drivers frustrated by the city's brutal traffic can at least take heart in one thing: It's just as bad in Chechnya.

Army Duds a Big Hit at Grozny Shop

After Italian clothes failed to sell well, Petimat Dzhabrailova's small store in the busy Hollywood shopping center in Grozny began offering camouflage pants and jackets, black shirts reading ""OMON"" and ""Chechnya"" and army-style boots.

Kremlin Moves to Keep Rebels Offline

When authorities shut down his small Internet cafe, Rustam Aldaganov did not buy their explanation that he lacked a license.

Alkhanov Sworn In as President No. 2

Major General Alu Alkhanov was sworn in Tuesday as Chechnya's new president behind the thick walls of a government compound swarming with security forces and armored vehicles, as the Kremlin sought to bolster its claims to be bringing stability to the restive republic.

Official Results Give Alkhanov 74%

Kremlin-favored candidate Alu Alkhanov won 74 percent of the vote in Chechnya's presidential election, election officials said Monday, amid reports of widespread vote rigging from independent observers.

Explosion Tarnishes Chechen Election

A man blew himself up as he fled a polling station in central Grozny on Sunday in the only violence to tarnish Chechnya's election for a president to replace slain leader Akhmad Kadyrov.

Money, Phones for Chechen Voters

Yakha Bisayeva, a 36-year-old Chechen refugee, did not want leave the relative safety of Nazran, Ingushetia, to go home to Grozny.

Fighters Raid Ingushetia, Dozens Dead

More than 200 fighters staged simultaneous attacks across Ingushetia on Monday night, killing at least 57 people and injuring dozens before fleeing in a daring operation that caught local authorities off guard.

Kremlin's Pick to Replace Kadyrov

Alu Alkhanov has little if any experience in running an economy, he lacks charisma, and his public administration skills have been limited to law enforcement.

Kadyrov Killed in Victory Day Explosion

Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov was killed when a bomb encased in the concrete platform of a Grozny stadium exploded during Victory Day celebrations.

Chechen Officials Fill Out Ballots Themselves

While senior election officials in Chechnya reported high voter turnout in the presidential elections, some lower-ranking officials openly admitted stuffing ballot boxes.

122-Year-Old Chechen Has Seen a Lot

At 122 years old, Pasikhat Dzhukalayeva likes to pour cold tap water over herself in her house near Grozny, a substitute for swimming in the springs of the Caucasus mountains, which she did when she was younger.

A Chechen Gives Up Classes to Solve Crime

Abu-Supyan Gatsayev's change in careers, from Chechen school teacher to senior lieutenant on Chechnya's embattled police force, is as dramatic as the changes Chechnya has seen in recent years.

Complaints of Fraud And Ballot Stuffing

From suspected vote rigging in Chechnya and alleged stuffed ballot boxes in Kirov to disappearing election committee stamps in Tuva, observers from opposition parties said a slew of violations tarnished the elections Sunday.

Chechens Dubious About Duma Vote

Eight candidates are running for Chechnya's single seat in the State Duma, but many locals say they aren't going to vote for any of them because the winner has already been all but decided by Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov's administration.

Activists See Fraud at Chechen Poll

Human rights groups on Tuesday reported instances of ballot-stuffing, voting by unregistered voters and pressure from local officials during the Chechen presidential election.

Turnout Passes 81% in Chechnya

Chechens cast ballots Sunday in a virtually uncontested presidential election staged by the Kremlin and expected to endorse the rule of its favored candidate, the head of Chechnya's pro-Moscow administration, Akhmad Kadyrov.

Refugees Under Growing Pressure to Go Home

Abubakar Dasayev would rather stay in the old tent and tend to his mother than go back to the Chechen village where the authorities have offered him accommodation.

Moscow Has Big Plans for Chechen Media

Chechen state media - considered by Moscow a key way to fight terrorism and bring stability to the republic -- are undergoing reconstruction.

Refugees Say They're Left in the Cold

Russian authorities have turned their attention to another refugee camp in their determination to drive thousands of people back to Chechnya.

Chechnya Population Inexplicably Swells

  • 22 October 02
  • IWPR
Many here were astounded when the results of the first census since the second Chechen war showed that the population had undergone a miraculous expansion.