Articles by Christopher Stern

WorldCom Hid Loss of $65Bln in '01, '02

  • 16 March 04
  • The Washington Post
In 2000 and 2001, a time when WorldCom Inc. was telling investors that it was a profitable and growing company, the telecommunications giant actually lost $64.5 billion, according to revised financial statements released by the company last week.

WorldCom Settles Its SEC Case for $500M

  • 21 May 03
  • The Washington Post
WorldCom Inc. agreed Monday to pay investors $500 million to settle charges that the telecommunications company defrauded thousands by claiming it was profitable during a three-year period when it was actually losing money.

WorldCom's $1 Jet Claims Scalp

  • 30 October 02
  • The Washington Post
One of WorldCom Inc.'s longest-serving directors, Stiles Kellett Jr., has agreed to resign from the board and pay an undisclosed sum to resolve an ongoing controversy over his lease of a corporate jet from the troubled long-distance telephone company.