Articles by Oliver Bullough

Russia's Offshore Bandits: Hypocrisy Laid Bare by Panama Revelations

It's been a big month for news about links between Kremlin insiders and the West.

NGOs in Chechnya Told to Report to Police, FSB

  • 24 July 06
  • Reuters
The Interior Ministry has slapped restrictions on aid workers in Chechnya, adding to difficulties posed by new rules that require nongovernmental organizations to produce paperwork such as the death certificates of founding members.

Putin Quizzed on War, Octopus and That Kiss

  • 05 July 06
  • Reuters
Organizers of an online conference with President Vladimir Putin have invited Internet users to quiz him on Russia's democracy, its newly assertive role in the world and his personal qualities.

Russia Goes Its Own Way in Selling Arms

  • 20 June 06
  • Reuters
Missiles to Syria and Iran, warplanes to Venezuela and Myanmar, helicopters to Sudan -- Russia goes its own way when it comes to selling arms, seemingly immune to ethical debates that affect the industry elsewhere.

One Family That Everyone Forgot

  • 23 May 06
  • Reuters
Sveta Dziyeva's instinct to run when she heard the first shots outside Beslan's school No. 1 may have saved her life, but it sunk her family into a hole it has yet to escape.

Jews Meet to 'Let My People Know'

  • 15 May 06
  • Reuters
Russian Jews, who for decades have been encouraged to leave for Israel, are changing tack with a new movement to develop their distinctive culture at home.

No Nuclear Breakthrough as Iran Stands Fast

  • 02 March 06
  • Reuters
Iran tried to head off mounting Western pressure over its nuclear program on Wednesday as its negotiators discussed a Russian compromise offer in Moscow and its president sought support in Malaysia.

Lavrov Lashes Out at Criticism

  • 20 January 06
  • Reuters
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov hit out at mounting criticism of Russia's democracy record on Thursday, after U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Moscow's behavior raised doubts about its fitness to chair the Group of Eight.

Anger Drives Insurgents in South

  • 13 December 05
  • Reuters
Timur Mamayev was repeatedly beaten by police, who insulted his religion and harassed his children, his wife says. He appealed for help to the authorities but got no answer.

Families Fight Over Orphaned Children

  • 05 September 05
  • Reuters
Borik Rubayev had lived with his aunt, whom he calls mama, for five years before his parents died in the Beslan school tragedy.

FSB Says Britain Must Curb Liberties to Avoid Terror

  • 21 July 05
  • Reuters
Britain must curb some of its cherished civil liberties if it wants to avoid more suicide bomb attacks, the Federal Security Service said.

Official: Beslan Troops Were Poorly Led

  • 29 June 05
  • Reuters
Federal forces that tried to free hostages from the Beslan school last September were poorly led, and an inquiry into the causes of the bloodbath that ended the siege will absolve those in command, a senior investigator said.

Former Spies Changing Their Image Through Books

  • 21 June 05
  • Reuters
The KGB's fearsome reputation will take decades to fade, but Russia's spies are -- bit by bit -- trying to change their image.

Putin Backs Blair's Agenda for the G8

  • 14 June 05
  • Reuters
The president reacts sharply to a comparison of human rights abuses and corruption in Africa and Russia.

Government to Target Industrial Polluters

  • 11 January 05
  • Reuters
Russia plans its first laws to crack down on industrial polluters this year, and will force offending companies to invest in clean technology rather than pay fines, according to the Natural Resources Ministry said.

Ministry Gearing Up to Gain From Kyoto

  • 04 November 04
  • Reuters
Russia is keen to link its emissions trading to the European and North American markets to help its firms make money from the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, a government official said late Tuesday.

Abkhaz Rivals Turn to Moscow

  • 03 November 04
  • Reuters
The two rivals for leadership of Georgia's breakaway Abkhazia region were in Moscow on Tuesday, Abkhaz officials said, in what seemed to be a Russian effort to sort out the chaos left by an inconclusive election last month.

Alkhanov: Poverty Helps Rebels

  • 02 November 04
  • Reuters
Chechnya's 70 percent jobless rate drives young men desperate to earn money into the arms of rebels fighting Russia, Chechen President Alu Alkhanov said Monday.

A Drive to Turn a Soldier Into a Saint

  • 19 October 04
  • Reuters
As Lyubov Rodionova flicks through her pictures, all showing the same young man in uniform, it becomes obvious these are not just family snaps.

Gref Backs Kyoto but Warns of Hard Work

  • 28 September 04
  • Reuters
Economic Development and Trade Minister German Gref has officially backed the Kyoto Protocol in a sign Russian approval is moving ever closer, but he says the country has hard work ahead to actually implement it, a government source said Monday.

Chechens Looking Abroad for Peace

  • 24 August 04
  • Reuters
Uma wanted nothing to do with the Chechen war and sat out the fighting hundreds of kilometers from her homeland. But the war found her anyway.

Maskhadov Vows to Kill Election Victor

  • 03 August 04
  • Reuters
Chechen rebel leader Aslan Maskhadov has vowed to kill whoever wins the election in the republic later this month.

Police Issues Warning on Russian Hackers

  • 29 July 04
  • Reuters
Young, smart Russian hackers are posing an increasing threat to global business, police said Wednesday following last week's arrest of an online extortion ring that cost British companies up to $70 million.

Internet Extortion Foiled

  • 22 July 04
  • Reuters
Hard-pressed police forces have scored a significant victory in the battle against Internet crime by smashing a Russian extortion racket preying on British businesses and betting web sites.

Drug Trade Earns $10Bln per Year, Top Official Says

  • 25 June 04
  • Reuters
Illicit trade in drugs in Russia fetches up to $10 billion per year -- nearly the equivalent of one-tenth of government budget revenues -- a senior drugs control officer said Thursday.

Russia to Ease Pipeline Access for WTO Entry

  • 26 April 04
  • Reuters
Russia will accede to EU demands for foreign and independent firms to be allowed access to its gas pipelines in its bid to join the World Trade Organization, a source familiar with the matter said Friday.

Moving Together Tries to Tame Grozny Youth

  • 06 April 04
  • Reuters
The new building stands out like a false tooth in the rotten stumps of Grozny's skyline.

Chechens' Shifting Allegiances Blur Lines of Battle

  • 24 March 04
  • Reuters
For Moscow, it is simple: Chechen rebels are terrorists and must be destroyed. But on the ground in Chechnya, government supporters and rebels are sometimes hard to tell apart.

Doctors Fear an Untreatable Tuberculosis Boom

  • 27 January 04
  • Reuters
Tuberculosis, long ago subdued by Western doctors, is not only rampant in Russia but increasingly mutating into terrifying new forms that even the most powerful new medicines cannot kill.

Putin Defends Human Rights Groups

  • 19 January 04
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin, known for his hardline stance on the war in Chechnya, said Friday that human rights groups should be allowed to work freely with Chechens, in what activists dismissed as a pre-election ploy.