Articles by Zaira Abdullaeva

The Romantic Tale of Doughnuts at Tiffany's

Do you know what Tiffany's is? It's the place that changes all your notions about affluence, common sense and disposable income.

Remembering Basayev's Raid Five Years On

Five years ago this month, Shamil Basayev led hundreds of well-armed fighters into Dagestan, where they seized a number of remote mountain villages.

J Lo Mania Is Hardly a Chip Off the Old Block

Alas, my heartless daughter said she wants to be like J Lo, whose most notable assets are located just south of her back and north of her legs.

The Great Patriotic War Today and Yesterday

To those of my children's generation, World War II is as buried in the annals of history as the Hundred Years' War, and the Battle of Stalingrad means about as much to them as the ancient Battle of Pharsalus.

The Grozny I Know -- As It Was, and As It Is

For me, Grozny will always be the capital of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.