Articles by Charles Grant

The EU Is Fighting for Process, Not Power

In their reporting of the crisis in Ukraine, the world's media have focused on the pro-Yushchenko demonstrators.

Putting Off the Divorce

  • 24 July 03
  • The Financial Times
Split apart over the invasion of Iraq, the West remains divided. The rifts owe much to Sept. 11, 2001, which put the United States into a state of war.

A Primer on the EU Constitution

Even Brussels insiders find it hard to explain how the EU works and who is responsible for what.

Twin EU Peaks

  • 17 January 03
  • Financial Times
Who should lead the European Union? That is one question that the convention on the future of Europe has so far failed to answer.

What Role for NATO?

NATO adapted well after the end of the Cold War. An organization that had been focused on collective defense found fresh things to do: spreading security and stability to new members and partners in Central Europe, applying force -- against Bosnian Serbs and then Serbia proper -- to impose peace in Bosnia and Kosovo, and then peacekeeping in the Balkans.