Articles by Timothy Gardner

Arctic Ice Caps Shrink to Smallest Area in a Century

  • 30 September 05
  • Reuters
The Arctic ice shelf has melted for the fourth straight year to its smallest area in a century, driven by rising temperatures that appear linked to a buildup of greenhouse gases, U.S. scientists said on Wednesday.

Shrinking Reserves to Keep Oil Price High

  • 14 February 03
  • Reuters
On the second day that allied forces bombed Iraq during the Gulf War of 1991, oil futures plummeted from about $30 per barrel to $20 per barrel, the biggest one-day drop in history.

Oil Is Delicate Issue For U.S., Report Says

  • 20 December 02
  • Reuters
NEW YORK -- Should the United States remove Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, it must also convince citizens of Iraq and surrounding countries it does not want to control the nation's oil, U.S. energy experts said Wednesday. ""The widely held view that the campaign against Iraq is driven by an American wish to 'steal' or at least control Iraqi oil,"" must be refuted in order to rehabilitate the nation's hobbled oil industry, said a report by the James Baker Institute at Rice University and the Council on Foreign Relations. Iraq sits on top of the world's second-largest oil reserves, but two wars, first with neighboring Iran and then with a U.S.-led coalition, and a decade of sanctions have withered its oil infrastructure and official exports. This year, Iraq's official oil exports have averaged just 1.25 million barrels per day, according to the United Nations, down from pre-1990s exports of under 3 million bpd.

First Trade Deal Under Kyoto Protocol Signed

  • 09 December 02
  • Reuters
The Kyoto Protocol on controlling global warming is not yet a reality. But the first deal on greenhouse gases within the framework of the pact has been signed and sealed.