Articles by John Ruwitch

Pyongyang Open to New Talks

  • 23 March 05
  • Reuters
North Korea is not opposed to six-party talks on its nuclear program and could return to negotiations when conditions were ""mature,"" the reclusive nation's prime minister said Tuesday.

Kim Jong Il in Beijing to Discuss Arms

  • 20 April 04
  • Reuters
Reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong Il arrived unannounced in Beijing on Monday and went straight into talks on his nuclear weapons ambitions after Washington urged Beijing to push to end the crisis.

Sides Stake Positions as Korea Talks Begin

  • 26 February 04
  • Reuters
U.S. and North Korean envoys staked out widely divergent positions at the start of six-party talks on the crisis over the North's nuclear arms programs Wednesday, underscoring the difficulty of a breakthrough.

China Told to Wait on Pipeline

  • 25 September 03
  • Reuters
Russia kept China's hopes for an oil pipeline deal alive on Wednesday, saying it would respect its commitments to provide oil and gas to its neighbor and continue studying plans for the multibillion dollar project.

Pyongyang Scorns U.S. Overtures

  • 16 January 03
  • Reuters
North Korea on Wednesday poured cold water on U.S. offers of aid once suspicions about the communist state's nuclear intentions were cleared, saying Washington was trying to trick Pyongyang into disarming.