Articles by Alexander Golts

Putin's World Is Far Removed From Reality (Op-Ed)

In his recent speech at the Valdai International Discussion Club, Putin showed a certain disregard for elementary logic, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Syria Sparks Cold War Deja Vu (Op-Ed)

Those who today are so happy about Russian precision bombing in Syria should stop to consider the inevitable consequences of those actions, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

War Is Peace: Russia's Orwellian Propaganda (Op-Ed)

Most Russians approve of their country's involvement in the Syrian conflict without even taking the trouble to understand its purpose, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Russia Is Entering a Long and Pointless War (Op-Ed)

It is already clear that Russia has become drawn into a useless war, one with no definite military objectives and that is impossible to win, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

How Moscow Forces Washington's Hand (Op-Ed)

If Moscow cannot offer anything constructive to the international dialogue, it must create new problems in order to remain relevant, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

The West Blinked First in Syria (Op-Ed)

The West's lack of resolve on Syria could embolden Moscow toward further adventurism. After all, the Kremlin is convinced it has the right to use its soldiers' lives in order to strengthen Russia's status as a superpower.

Will Putin Get Embroiled in Second War? (Op-Ed)

The Kremlin risks involving Russia in yet another grueling conflict. As everyone knows, it rarely ends well for those who fight a war on two fronts, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Putin Helps Distort History in Beijing (Op-Ed)

Was it wise for the Russian leader to take part in China's distortion of what really happened at the end of World War II, which essentially diminishes the role of the Soviet Union as the World War II liberator?

MAKS 2015 Fails to Take Off (Op-Ed)

The MAKS 2015 air show was a symbol of the state of affairs in Russia's aviation industry.

Putin and Kim Jong Un Are Not So Different (Op-Ed)

Are President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un really that different, asks columnist Alexander Golts.

If Kursk Sank Today, It Could Set Off War (Op-Ed)

How would the Kremlin react if the Kursk tragedy were to occur today, during maneuvers when Russian and NATO forces carry out simultaneous war games near each other?

Russia's Aerospace Forces Will Never Take Off (Op-Ed)

Russia's recent merger of the Air Force and the Space Force is inherently infeasible, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Kremlin's New Naval Doctrine Misses the Boat (Op-Ed)

Russia's entire shipbuilding industry stands in need of fundamental reform — much more than the swaggering and unrealistic naval doctrine, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Army Brass Sabotaging Putin's Plans (Op-Ed)

Russia's military brass continues to ignore and sabotage orders from the top that it doesn't like, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Omsk Tragedy Shows Russia's Defense Weakness (Op-Ed)

The collapse of military barracks in Omsk is a sign that something is very wrong with Russia's defense procurement strategy, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

War in Ukraine Ruined Russian Military Reform (Op-Ed)

The war in Ukraine has dealt a devastating blow to Russia's armed forces, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Putin's Fortress Mentality Infects Russian Law (Op-Ed)

Whatever the Kremlin finds most advantageous at any given moment is what the authorities declare as law, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Russia's Top Brass Preparing to Battle Dissent (Op-Ed)

Fifty years from now historians will no doubt wonder why Putin was preparing to use force against his own people at a time when he enjoyed a nearly 90 percent approval rating, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Russia Should Lay Off the Saber Rattling (Op-Ed)

The only thing that Russia's civilian industry can learn from its military-industrial complex is how to accompany its bold lies with even louder fireworks and pomp, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Cold War Is Back in Town (Op-Ed)

While experts debate whether a new Cold War is possible in the 21st century, such a war has already started, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Kremlin Rushing to Cover Its Tracks on MH17 (Op-Ed)

Coming on the heels of Russia's repeated falsifications over the past year on what happened to MH17, the recent "evidence" from Almaz-Antey is essentially worthless, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Russia's Mistral Deal Was Sunk From the Start (Op-Ed)

Russia's plan to buy the Mistrals from France has been doomed from the beginning, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Russia's Military Spending Doesn't Add Up (Op-Ed)

Columnist Alexander Golts examines the widening gap between official pronouncements on military spending and Russia's financial realities.

Russia Is Moving From Merkel to Mugabe

The foreign policy results of the Victory Day celebrations clearly show the direction that Russia's future development is moving in, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Sorting the Truth From the Lies on Victory Day

The Russian authorities used Victory Day to hide their selfish interests and, above all, their profound indifference to the tragedy and triumph that this country experienced seven decades ago, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

No Victories in Sight for Russia's Space Industry

Russia's space industry continues to lurch from one disaster to the next, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Is the Ukraine Conflict a Victory or Defeat for Russia?

Russia's 'victories' in Ukraine and Crimea are really defeats, as Russia's international reputation continues to sink to new lows, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Russia's Military Lacks Direction

Russia's recent international security conference was almost entirely devoid of any interesting statements and this says a lot about the military brass, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Russia's Embezzlement Problem Is Out of Control

Embezzlement of state defense contract funds is rife, and even high-level figures like Rogozin seem powerless to stop it, writes columnist Alexander Golts.

Keep Calm and Keep an Eye on Iran

The recent diplomatic breakthrough with Iran may be good news, but may also pose serious problems in the future, writes columnist Alexander Golts.