Articles by Godwin Chellam

Foreigners Buy 18% of Chinese Bank

  • 01 June 04
  • Reuters
U.S. equity fund Newbridge Capital is set to become the first foreign investor to win control of a Chinese lender, by lining up a deal to buy an 18 percent stake in Shenzhen Bank for $150 million.

Beijing, Washington Head for Chip War

  • 18 March 04
  • Reuters
China scoffed at U.S. accusations it was rigging its $30 billion chip market against U.S. imports, which could result in the first complaint lodged with the WTO against the world's sixth-largest economy.

Arcelor, Baosteel, Nippon Steel Target China With $785M JV

  • 24 December 03
  • Reuters
Arcelor has jumped on board a $785 million venture with Baosteel and Nippon Steel to supply China's booming auto sector, its first major drive into a region some say is threatened by a margin-slicing glut.

Metro Plans 40 Stores in China

  • 04 November 03
  • Reuters
Metro AG, the world's fifth largest retailer, said Monday it will spend close to $700 million to open 40 new stores in China over the next five years, girding itself for battle in Asia's second-largest retail market.

Foreigners Eye China's Beer Market

  • 26 August 03
  • Reuters
Factory foreman Ye Jianchun grins widely as he downs his third can of Bud.

Japan Fumes Over China's Deal With Yukos

  • 30 May 03
  • Reuters
China and Russia have not only underscored strategic ties through a new $150 billion oil supply deal after years of wrangling, they have also set back neighboring Japan's efforts to quench its thirst for oil.

China to Open Stock Exchanges to Foreigners

  • 28 May 03
  • Reuters
China's plan to open its primary share and bond markets to foreigners for the first time is unlikely to unleash a flood of money, but will spark reform and help clean up problem-ridden bourses, analysts said Tuesday.