Articles by Anna McDonald

B2B: New Registration Rules and Calculation Methodology for Vital and Essential Drugs

  • 15 October 15
  • Dentons
On October 1, 2015, the new versions of the following regulations will come into legal force and effect: The Rules for the state registration and re-registration of maximum sale prices set by pharmaceutical manufacturers for medicines on the list of vital and essential drugs.

B2B: Possible Expansion of the Restricted List of Imported Medical Devices

  • 28 September 15
  • Dentons
Following lengthy discussion and despite the criticism of experts, RF Government Decree No. 102 "On Restricting the Admission of Certain Types of Medical Devices Originating in Foreign States for the Purposes of Procurement for State and Municipal Needs" (hereinafter "Decree 102") was adopted on February 5, 2015.

B2B: New Procedure for Registration of Medical Products

  • 24 September 13
  • Dentons
Russian Health Ministry ("Health Ministry") Order of October 22, 2012. No. 428n on Approval of the Administrative Rules for Provision of the State Service of State Registration of Medical Products for Medical Use has entered into force. This order introduces a new procedure ("Rules") for registration of medical products for medical use.

Bill on Protecting Citizens' Health – Is the Patient More Alive Than Dead?

  • 13 September 11
  • Salans
The second reading of the bill on the principles of protecting citizens' health, which caused an unprecedented storm of criticism from medical professionals and the pharmaceutical community when it passed the first reading, has been deferred by the State Duma until fall 2011.

Moscow's New Law Scares Off Investors

The Moscow law on land use and construction in the capital adopted by City Hall in mid-May declares City Hall's position on commercial land use: lease, lease and lease again.