Articles by Christopher Granville

Even Putin's Popularity Can Evaporate

Opinions about President Vladimir Putin run the gamut. In the West, he is regarded as an authoritarian, an autocrat, even as a dictator.

Stronger Parties, Stronger Democracy

Many of the standard concerns about Russia's democratic development, such as the stifling of political competition by state-controlled national television networks, would be shared by all fair-minded observers, including President Vladimir Putin himself. His critics, both at home and abroad, doubt the sincerity of his stated commitment to democracy.

Dusting Off a Difficult Amnesty

Last week, at the start of a meeting in the Kremlin with business leaders, President Vladimir Putin came out with an important initiative on property rights: to reduce the Civil Code's statute of limitations on privatizations -- that is, the period after a privatization deal in which it can be legally challenged -- from the existing 10 years to three years.

Fundamental Questions

Will the ""Yukos affair"" end in disaster for Russia's investment climate, so putting an end to continued fast economic growth and rising living standards? I think not.

Succes d'Estime, But Greatness Is a Tall Order

In olden days, when polite St. Petersburg society spoke French, the past week's gathering of top world leaders in the city at the invitation of President Vladimir Putin would have been called a succes d'estime for Russia.