Articles by Boris Grozovsky

Bargain Basement Prices for Russian State Assets (Op-Ed)

The Russian budget is facing serious difficulties that have pushed the question of privatization back onto the agenda. 

Russian Health Care Is Dying a Slow Death

Russia is attempting to reform its health care system, but these reforms are doing serious damage and Putin seems oblivious to the reality of the situation.

Politics, Not Oil, Will Make or Break the Ruble

Russian leaders were overflowing with optimism about the markets and the economy as the ruble rose in value last week to 53.6 against the U.S. dollar and 57.95 against the euro.

Ukraine's Oligarchs at War

The enemies of the Kiev authorities are rejoicing over the latest news out of Ukraine.

IRG: Doubling GDP a Numbers Game

The size of the nation's economy can be doubled much sooner than the deadline set by President Vladimir Putin, according to the Interactive Research Group, or IRG.

Income Statistics Called Deceptive

The State Statistics Committee forecast that real incomes would rise almost two times faster than they actually have, and many firms say this lack of reliable official data has forced them to commission their own economic studies.