Articles by Miriam Elder

Gogol Bordello to Rock Moscow

There are two words that can embody the mad, vodka-soaked, apocalyptic passions in the heart of every Russophile: Gogol Bordello. This gypsy-punk group is set to play in Gorky Park on Thursday, in what is sure to be the concert event of the summer.

Hasidic New York Reggae in The Park

There once was a time when Hasidic rapper Matisyahu seemed cool. But that was then. Now he's coming to Moscow, the city that loves nothing more than a good has-been.

Caribous Dance Mix Of Mongrel Music

Musician Caribou, also known as a Canadian named Daniel Snaith, plays Ikra on Saturday night. His latest album has a lot of danceable numbers even if some of them are eerie electro-pop anthems.

Real-Issue N.Y. Rapper Hits City

Brooklyn-based rapper Talib Kweli, who has built a reputation for himself in the past decade as one of hip-hops most outspoken figures, will bring his live show to Moscow on Sunday at Discoteque.

Britneys Speedy Russia Trip

The pop star heads to Moscow after a gig in St. Petersburg. Things have not gone smoothly so far in Russia.

Dig, Nicholas, Dig For Maximum Gig

Lord, the one you love is sick. So begins the story of Lazarus, the New Testament tale of Jesus raising a man from the dead.

Electronica Beat With a Heart

Ratatat is the perfect music to blast through your iPod as you wander the streets of Moscow.

Manu Chao Hits Gorky Park

Manu Chao, the Spanish-French musician who plays Gorky Park on Wednesday night, belongs to that rarest of musical breeds, espousing overt political views without being unbearably irritating.

Documentary Follows Young Artists' Projects

“To perceive the world of another person is impossible, you can only get an idea of it,” says artist Rostan Tavasiev. “Through art, it’s possible to reach through to the Other.”

1920s Orchestra Without a Conductor Revived

It was the ultimate Soviet project -- Russia's best musicians assembled in an orchestra, all without a conductor.

All That Street Jazz

Trio mixes jazz with rock, pop to connect with new listeners.

Black Sea Residents Evicted for Olympic Village

Valery's eyes burn ice blue as he stares toward the Black Sea coast just meters from his house. The local government has given him three months to pack up and leave as the country begins preparing to turn Sochi and its environs into an Olympic playland.

Prokhorov Acquires Half of RenCap

Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov on Monday agreed to pay $500 million for half of investment bank Renaissance Capital in the first major restructuring in the Russian banking sector since the outbreak of the global liquidity crisis.

Investors Hope for End to Volatility

  • 22 September 08
  • Staff Writers
Leading Russian and foreign investors reacted with cautious optimism this weekend at an annual gathering in Sochi to an emergency government package aimed at bolstering the countrys bourses but warned that difficulties remained ahead for the markets and the economy itself.

Government Hesitance Worrying to Investors

As Russian markets suffer their worst crash since the 1998 default crisis amid earth-shattering global turmoil, longtime investors in the country warned that it was time for the government to wake up.

Medvedev Denies a Liquidity Crisis

President Dmitry Medvedev assured the countrys top business lobby on Monday that the government would provide liquidity to the banking sector but failed to lift plunging markets and insisted that Russia was not facing a credit crisis.

Investors Seek Calm In Kazakh Economy

The shadow of Russias conflict in Georgia stretched on Tuesday to the foothills of the mountains that tower over Almaty, as jittery investors sought assurances that the five-day war would not spawn an era of regional instability.

Accord Signed in TNK-BP Standoff

BP signed a deal with its billionaire partners in TNK-BP on Thursday, laying the groundwork for an end to a bruising dispute over control of the firm that has fanned fears among investors of doing business in Russia.

BP's Hayward Meets Fridman in Prague

BP chief executive Tony Hayward and oligarch Mikhail Fridman held talks in Prague in an effort to resolve their escalating dispute over Russian-British joint venture TNK-BP, sources close to both sides said Thursday.

TNK-BP Risk Pushing Markets Downward

With its chief executive scuttling off to a secret location, dozens of foreign employees flooding out of the country and the threat of impending court battles, TNK-BPs messy shareholder dispute has helped push Russias indexes into a downward spin.

BP Pulls Out Last Foreign Specialists

The company removes its last 60 employees at joint venture TNK-BP, warning that the move may hurt long-term performance.

BP Blocks TNK-BP $1.8Bln Dividend

BP has blocked the payout of $1.8 billion in dividends to shareholders in TNK-BP, a source inside the British company said Sunday, striking back at the embattled joint venture's Russian partners in a messy fight for control.

Dudley Warns Fight Tearing TNK-BP Apart

The companys chief executive rejects a lawsuit against him from a group of Russians and vows to continue working.

Khodorkovsky Challenges Medvedev

Former Yukos chief Mikhail Khodorkovsky applied for parole on Wednesday in a bid to challenge President Dmitry Medvedev to follow through on promises to build an independent judiciary, his lawyers said.

Ex-Yukos CEO Asking For Parole

  • 16 July 08
  • and Nabi Abdullaev
Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the jailed former chief of Yukos, plans to request parole in coming days, a source close to the case said Tuesday.

Czechs See Shenanigans in Oil Cuts

The Czech Foreign Ministry finds implausible Russia's explanation that oil supplies have dipped for technical reasons, the Czech Embassy in Moscow said Monday, after a meeting in Prague meant to assuage fears that the Kremlin was punishing the Czech Republic for backing U.S. missile-defense plans.

Medvedev Said to Break G8 Promise

  • 14 July 08
  • Staff Writers
The Kremlin entered a new battlefield with the West over the weekend, with Washington and London accusing President Dmitry Medvedev of reneging on a promise with Russia's decision to block United Nations sanctions against Zimbabwe.

Nord Stream to Seek Approval, Then Cash

Gazprom-led Nord Stream, a controversial pipeline that will ship Russian gas directly to Europe, can only seek financing once it gains environmental approval from neighboring countries, the consortium's financial director said Wednesday.

Work-Permit Tour Exemplifies Strange Feud

A senior TNK-BP employee and the government's top work-permits official walked triumphantly into the sunshine Thursday, after the Federal Migration Service issued eight permits to the firm's senior staff, including CEO Robert Dudley.

BP to Pull 88 Foreign Staff From TNK-BP

BP has decided to withdraw 88 foreign employees assigned to its troubled joint venture TNK-BP, the company said Wednesday, in recognition that the Russian-British firms escalating shareholder dispute shows no signs of nearing a resolution.