Articles by Guy Faulconbridge

Gorbachev Says He Averted War in Т89

  • 05 November 09
  • Reuters
When asked by a reporter why he did not use force to halt the 1989 demonstrations that preceded the Berlin Wall's fall, Gorbachev said Tuesday that it would have sparked a catastrophic set of events and even a world war.

Obama Backs Medvedev on More Freedoms

  • 06 July 09
  • Reuters
U.S. President Barack Obama has used an interview with Novaya Gazeta to support President Dmitry Medvedev’s publicly declared aim of building a freer society in Russia.

Shuvalov: Tycoons Won't All Get Help

  • 30 January 09
  • Reuters
Russia will not write a blank check to save top businessmen hit by the global economic crisis, and the state expects something in return for helping bail them out, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said Thursday.

Izosimov Won't Insist On Paying Dividends

  • 29 January 09
  • Reuters
VimpelCom’s CEO also reiterates that the company can meet its debt payments.

Financial Crisis Putting Bankers' Jobs on the Line

  • 13 November 08
  • Reuters
Russian investment banks have started slashing staff as a deepening crisis threatens to stall a 10-year economic boom that had made Moscow a honey pot for bankers and traders seeking multimillion-dollar salaries.

Castro to Visit in '09 As Russia Revives Ties

  • 12 November 08
  • Reuters
Cuban President Raul Castro will visit Russia next year, the Kremlin said Tuesday, in a new sign that Moscow is reviving a Cold War-era trade and military alliance.

BP Holds Talks With Partners and Ministers

  • 07 June 08
  • Reuters
BP chief executive Tony Hayward held talks with a Russian shareholder of joint venture TNK-BP on Friday after an outbreak of public sparring between the partners amid speculation the Russian side could sell out.

Naryshkin Says Oil Could Slow Growth

  • 30 May 08
  • Reuters
He warns that complacency over oil prices may hinder the country from breaking into the world's top five economies.

Medvedev Portraits Being Snapped Up

  • 29 February 08
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin's icy blue gaze may soon be replaced by the softer brown eyes of his protege, Dmitry Medvedev, in the portraits that stare from the walls of tens of thousands of offices nationwide.

Fishing Chief Plans Caviar Monopoly

  • 25 January 08
  • Reuters
The government hopes to save the sturgeon from extinction by setting up a state caviar monopoly and stiffening punishments for poachers, its top fisheries official said Thursday.

Bay of Biscay Site for Latest Missile Exercise

  • 23 January 08
  • Reuters
Russia on Tuesday sent two long-range bombers to the Bay of Biscay, off the French and Spanish Atlantic coasts, to test-fire missiles in what it billed as its biggest naval exercise in the area since Soviet times.

Nuclear Assets Rolled Into Giant Group

  • 13 December 07
  • Reuters
As Russia re-establishes itself in the global nuclear arena, it has formed a company to consolidate all civilian nuclear assets.

Nuclear Assets Rolled Into Giant Group

  • 13 December 07
  • Reuters
As Russia re-establishes itself in the global nuclear arena, it has formed a company to consolidate all civilian nuclear assets.

Legendary Soviet Spy Feklisov is Dead at 93

  • 29 October 07
  • Reuters
A KGB master agent who oversaw some of Moscow's most damaging Cold War spies in the West -- Klaus Fuchs and the Rosenbergs -- died Friday after a lifetime of espionage that helped the Soviet Union acquire the nuclear bomb.

Kiriyenko Touts Siberia Uranium Plant

  • 09 August 07
  • Reuters
ANGARSK, Irkutsk Region -- Deep in a Siberian pine forest lies President Vladimir Putin's answer to a quandary: How to cash in on global demand for nuclear fuel without giving countries the technology to build bombs.

Bushehr Reactor Not to Open Until 2008

  • 26 July 07
  • Reuters
Russia has no chance of finishing Iran's first nuclear power station before fall 2008, a year behind schedule, a Russian subcontractor helping to build the plant said Wednesday.

Locked Up in a State that Does Not Exist

  • 27 June 07
  • Reuters
Alan Parastayev's family says he was beaten and then refused urgent medical treatment in prison. But there is nothing they can do about it because the state holding him in jail does not officially exist.

Russia Signals Frustration With Iran

  • 13 March 07
  • Reuters
ran's isolation over its nuclear ambitions deepened on Monday as Russia, its closest big power ally, announced indefinite delays to a joint nuclear power project and accused Tehran of abusing its goodwill.

Lugovoi Skeptical Fair Trial Possible

  • 26 February 07
  • Reuters
Former FSB officer Andrei Lugovoi said Friday that he doubted he could get a fair trial in Britain if he was prosecuted for the poisoning of former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko.

Booklet Tells How to Avoid Bribes

  • 28 September 06
  • Reuters
A 16-page booklet unveiled Wednesday tells Russians what to do when faced with a corrupt official bent on extracting a backhander.

Elder Klebnikov Brother Says He Wants Answers

  • 21 August 06
  • Reuters
The elder brother of slain U.S. reporter Paul Klebnikov is trying to renew pressure on Russian authorities to solve the case.

Hiddink Signs $5M Russia Contract

  • 17 April 06
  • Reuters
Dutchman Guus Hiddink promised on Friday to restore Russia to its former glory after signing a deal to become the national team's coach.

Merrill Lynch Hires Ex-CB Official to Help Expansion

  • 03 April 06
  • Reuters
Merrill Lynch has hired a former deputy head of the Central Bank to help the U.S. bank expand its investment banking and brokerage operations in Russia, the new hire said Friday.

Russia Seals Algeria Arms Deal

  • 13 March 06
  • Reuters
Algeria has agreed to buy $7.5 billion worth of combat planes, air defense systems and other arms from Russia, the head of Russia's state arms exporter, Rosoboronexport, said Friday.

Harsh Realities of Migrant Work Force

  • 14 November 05
  • Reuters
Fuad, an illegal migrant from Azerbaijan, is thinking of going home after five years' work as a loader and brick-carrier in Moscow's booming shadow economy.

Moody's Set to Raise Russia's Credit Rating

  • 19 October 05
  • Reuters
Moody's Investors Service may raise Russia's credit rating by mid-November as political stability makes the country a safer borrower, senior sovereign analyst Jonathan Schiffer said on Tuesday.

Banks Agree to Lend $12Bln to Gazprom

  • 20 September 05
  • Reuters
Western banks agreed to a record $12 billion loan to gas giant Gazprom to acquire Roman AbramovichТs Sibneft oil firm in a deal that would give the Kremlin control over one-third of RussiaТs oil, senior bankers said on Monday.

Morgan Stanley Beefs Up Russia Office

  • 22 August 05
  • Reuters
Morgan Stanley will start trading Russian stocks, bonds and currency instruments as early as next month as top investment banks flock to the country to profit from its soaring markets.

Gazprom Price Hike Passes Putin

President Vladimir Putin has appeared to support a contentious proposal to liberalize gas prices for industrial customers next year, two leading business dailies reported Wednesday.

Prosecutors Go for the Full 10 Years

The state prosecutor on Tuesday called for maximum 10-year sentences for Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev on multiple counts of tax evasion, fraud, embezzlement and falsifying documents.