Articles by Maria Golovnina

Powder Keg in Central Asia Raises Concerns in West

  • 11 February 10
  • Reuters
Long ignored as a myth whipped up by the authorities to justify political repression, a surge in radical Islam in the former Soviet republics has become a reality for the West fighting an increasingly tough war in next-door Afghanistan.

Forgotten Victims Despair in Steppe

  • 22 December 09
  • Reuters
Millions perished in Stalin's network of gulag camps scattered from Russia’s Arctic tundra to the inhospitable Kazakh steppe, and rights campaigners accuse the current Russian government of trying to whitewash the past.

Kyrgyz Candidate Condemns Vote as Fraudulent

  • 24 July 09
  • Reuters
Kyrgyzstan’s main opposition candidate demanded Thursday that a presidential election be declared illegal as voting was under way, denouncing what he called voter fraud and calling for street protests and a rerun.

Bakiyev Seeks Help With Southern Militant Threat

  • 22 July 09
  • Reuters
President Kurmanbek Bakiyev said in an interview that a new Russian military training facility in his country would help stem the rising tide of insurgency spilling over from Afghanistan.

Central Asians Evacuated From China

  • 10 July 09
  • Reuters
China’s western neighbors Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan said Thursday that they were evacuating their citizens from the restive region of Xinjiang following days of ethnic rioting against Chinese rule.

Opposition Wants Kazakh Premier Out

  • 02 December 08
  • Reuters
Kazakhstan's opposition party urged the prime minister Monday to resign and accused the government of failing to get a grip on a deepening financial crisis.

No Escape From Crisis in Kazakhstan

  • 26 November 08
  • Reuters
From a lone shepherd in the great silence of the empty steppes to the champagne-sipping socialites of the big cities, no one in Kazakhstan can escape the looming shadow of the financial crisis.

Nazarbayev's City, 10 Years On

  • 08 July 08
  • Reuters
If there is one thing Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev cherishes as part of his legacy, it is the gold-plated extravagance of his new capital, Astana.

Poor Tajik Economy Raises Worries

  • 03 June 08
  • Reuters
Power shortages and high food prices in Tajikistan are causing concern in the West about the stability of the country of 7 million people.

Nazarbayev Shuns 'Latin American' Example

  • 31 March 08
  • Reuters
Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said in an interview Friday that he had no intention of following an example set by some Latin American states and nationalizing his country's booming energy sector.

Kazakh Film Aims for Oscar

  • 25 January 08
  • Reuters
The Kazakh-financed film nominated for best foreign film at this year's Oscars is a welcome creative boost to this Central Asian country that was so heavily lampooned by the hit ""Borat"" movie.

Voter Turnout Tops 80% in Uzbekistan

  • 24 December 07
  • Reuters
Uzbek President Islam Karimov looked relaxed as he voted Sunday in an election that is expected to extend his 18-year rule and has been condemned by the opposition as a one-man contest.

Voter Turnout Tops 80% in Uzbekistan

  • 24 December 07
  • Reuters
Uzbek President Islam Karimov looked relaxed as he voted Sunday in an election that is expected to extend his 18-year rule and has been condemned by the opposition as a one-man contest.

Nazarbayev Says Sweep 'No Tragedy'

  • 21 August 07
  • Reuters
A new parliament consisting of solely the party headed by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev will be ""no tragedy"" for the oil-producing Central Asian state, the long-serving leader said Monday.

Uzbeks Wonder Who Will Rule Next

  • 19 June 07
  • Reuters
If there is one common concern that people in Uzbekistan share, it is their president's silence.

Central Asia Seen Unstable On Energy

  • 28 May 07
  • Reuters
Oil and gas reserves in Central Asia are no easy solution to Europe's dependence on Russia, a report by the International Crisis Group said Friday.

Caspian Field Is the Edge of the World

  • 28 September 06
  • Reuters
The Tengiz oil field in Kazakhstan is a blend of Western corporate culture and old Soviet ways -- even through it's been years since U.S. oil firm Chevron came to develop it.

Kazakh Steppe Sees Nuclear Renaissance

  • 30 May 06
  • Reuters
The Kazakh nuclear industry's growth is fueled by demand from China, India and Russia.

Abramov to Resign as Evraz Feels Pinch

  • 28 November 05
  • Reuters
Steelmaker Evraz Group warned on Friday that worsening market conditions would hit its second-half profits, and announced a major reshuffle of the company's top management just months after listing its shares in London.

Kurils Dispute Shades Putin's Japan Visit

  • 17 November 05
  • Reuters
President Vladimir Putin will try to avoid a head-on clash with Japan over a World War II territorial dispute when he travels to Tokyo next week, and will instead focus on less contentious trade issues.

Arctic Smelter Discovers Color Green

  • 12 October 05
  • Reuters
Norilsk Nickel, one of Russia's heaviest industrial polluters, has earmarked billions of dollars to turn itself into a greener company -- but the ambitious changes won't happen overnight.

Russian Gold Catching Canada's Eye

  • 10 October 05
  • Reuters
Canada's Barrick Gold is cautiously weighing up expansion opportunities in the ex-Soviet world and may consider acquisitions and partnerships in the future, its regional head said on Friday.

Miners Give Up Hope for Speedy Gold Sale

  • 28 September 05
  • Reuters
Russia has shelved plans to sell a huge gold field in Siberia because the Kremlin, once keen on the multibillion-dollar project, is too busy setting the stage for the 2007-08 election season, sources and analysts said.

Case of Deadly Bird Flu Suspected West of Urals

  • 18 August 05
  • Reuters
Russia is investigating mass bird deaths in a region to the west of the Ural Mountains in what could become the first case of the deadly bird flu virus spreading to Europe, officials said Wednesday.

Officials Say Bird Flu Is Moving West

  • 16 August 05
  • Reuters
Russia cordoned off roads and slaughtered hundreds of birds on Monday to contain the advance of a bird flu epidemic toward Western Europe.

Bird Flu Spreads to Mongolia

  • 11 August 05
  • Reuters
A bird flu outbreak has expanded in Siberia and spread to Mongolia on Wednesday, and Kazakhstan confirmed a fowl virus found in the Central Asian state could kill humans.

'Little Paris' Nestles in Russia's Cossack Steppe

  • 29 July 05
  • Reuters
With its own petite version of the Eiffel Tower, Paris' name was inspired by a local Cossack regiment that fought against Napoleon.

Domestic Demand Keeps Steelmakers Strong

  • 26 July 05
  • Reuters
Russian steelmakers' rising sales at home and their growing taste for specialty products may prove to be the best insulation against a downturn on the global steel market, producers and analysts said.

Diamond Giant Coy on Secrets

  • 12 July 05
  • Reuters
Diamond giant Alrosa could keep a veil of secrecy over the size of its mining reserves for years to come despite long-awaited state permission to reveal the crucial data.

Draft of Subsoil Law Submitted to Duma

  • 24 June 05
  • Reuters
The government has submitted to parliament the draft of a new natural resources law that seeks to bar foreign companies from developing some of the country's most lucrative mineral assets.