Articles by Hope Yen

Petraeus, Crocker Expect Tough Crowd in Congress

  • 11 September 07
  • The Associated Press
Democrats and moderate Republicans in Congress have tough questions for a top military commander in Iraq who is warning against major changes to U.S. President George W. Bush's war strategy.

Court Outlaws the Execution of Minors

  • 03 March 05
  • The Associated Press
A closely divided Supreme Court outlawed the death penalty for juvenile criminals, writing of a national consensus that such executions were unconstitutionally cruel.

9/11 Panel: 'Failure of Imagination' to Blame

  • 23 July 04
  • The Associated Press
The Sept. 11 commission's final report recommended the creation of a new intelligence center and high-level intelligence director to improve the ability of the United States to disrupt future terrorist attacks.

Eisenhower Recruited Secret Set of Leaders

  • 24 March 04
  • The Associated Press
CBS television network president Frank Stanton was one of six private citizens secretly recruited and granted authority by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower to run major components of the government if a Soviet attack wiped out many U.S. leaders.

U.S. Stocks Hit by Jobs Report

  • 04 August 03
  • The Associated Press
Wall Street pulled back Friday after a lackluster employment report renewed investors' worries that the economic recovery would not be as speedy as hoped.