Articles by Simon Kennedy

Cheap Oil Reduces Inflation

  • 30 January 07
  • Bloomberg
Plunging oil prices are relieving one inflation headache for U.S. central bankers Ben Bernanke and Jean-Claude Trichet, only to give them another.

G7 Likely to Turn Down Russia

  • 11 March 05
  • Bloomberg
Finance ministers from the Group of Seven industrialized nations will rebuff the Russia's bid to become a full member and lead the group's economic policy deliberations next year, G7 officials said.

Leaders Run Up Record Deficits

  • 16 March 04
  • Bloomberg
British Prime Minister Tony Blair's government this week will unveil a budget with a 37 billion pounds ($68 billion) deficit, the biggest since the Labour Party took office in 1997. Blair is not alone among leaders in proposing record deficits for years to come.

Bush Advisers Mull Steel Tariffs

  • 26 August 03
  • Bloomberg
Treasury Secretary John Snow, Commerce Secretary Donald Evans and other economic advisers want U.S. President George W. Bush to roll back tariffs he imposed on $3 billion in steel imports, sources said.