Articles by Christian Oliver

China and Venezuela Plan Oil Deals to Cement Ties

  • 26 March 07
  • Reuters
Venezuela said Saturday that it was working on a raft of oil deals with China, giving impetus to President Hugo Chavez's attempts to break his country's dependence on oil exports to the United States.

Iran Threatens to Cut Oil Exports

  • 07 August 06
  • Reuters
Iran vowed Sunday to expand its atomic fuel work and warned that any United Nations sanctions aimed at halting its uranium enrichment would incur a painful riposte, possibly including a cut in oil exports.

Iran Scoffs at EU's Nuclear Incentives

  • 18 May 06
  • Reuters
The Iranian president said the EU was offering ""candies or walnuts and taking gold"" in return.

Crisis in Tehran as President Rebuffed

  • 24 November 05
  • Reuters
Iran's parliamentarians piled further embarrassment on Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday, overwhelmingly rejecting his third nominee for oil minister of the world's fourth-biggest crude producer.

Iranian Parliament Approves Bill on Resuming Enrichment

  • 22 November 05
  • Reuters
Iranian lawmakers have voted to resume uranium enrichment and end snap UN checks of its nuclear sites if Tehran is referred to the UN Security Council for possible sanctions.

Iran Shows Off Its Missile Capabilities

  • 23 September 03
  • Reuters
Iran, under mounting pressure to dispel fears it is developing nuclear arms, on Monday paraded six of its newly deployed medium-range missiles that military analysts say could reach Israel or U.S. bases in the Persian Gulf.