Articles by Marc Frank

Zarubezhneft Inks Oil Deals With Cuba

  • 05 November 09
  • Reuters
The company signed up with state-owned Cuba Petroleos for four almost contiguous blocks in the Gulf of Mexico just east of Cuba’s most prolific oil field in Varadero.

Officials Say Castro Is Recovering Favorably

  • 07 August 06
  • Reuters
Cuban officials said an aging and ailing Fidel Castro was recovering and could return to power in a few weeks, even though he remained out of sight five days after a surgery that forced him to put his brother in charge of the country.

Castro Opts to Go Diesel in an 'Energy Revolution'

  • 11 April 06
  • Reuters
Cuba is racing to install thousands of container-sized diesel generators across the island to avoid another situation like the one last summer when widespread blackouts fanned popular unrest.

U.S. Stars at Annual Cuban Trade Fair

  • 04 November 03
  • Reuters
Communist Cuba on Sunday trumpeted the presence of U.S. companies at Havana's annual international trade fair, even as debate raged in Washington over travel and trade with the embargoed Caribbean island.